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Merge pull request #1 from treyharris/master

useGrowl property wasn't being used
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2 parents d93543e + 9f75377 commit 5cc8c8951c12e0aadfb7dbac278b2b4dcc4f62ce @dbyler committed Mar 19, 2012
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2 Defer.scpt
@@ -291,7 +291,7 @@ on notifyMain(alertName, alertTitle, alertText, useSticky)
set GrowlRunning to my IsGrowlRunning()
end if
end if
- if GrowlRunning then
+ if useGrowl and GrowlRunning then
tell application "Finder" to tell (application file id "GRRR") to set growlHelperAppName to name
notifyWithGrowl(growlHelperAppName, alertName, alertTitle, alertText, useSticky)

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