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An interactive problem website for Clojure beginners. All new development should be done on the "develop" branch.

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An interactive problem website for Clojure beginners


Anyone interested in contributing should check out the Issues page for ideas on what to work on.

Join us in #4clojure on freenode for help or discussion.

Setup instructions for running locally

  • Download and install leiningen.
  • Download and install mongodb.
  • The project uses clojail, which requires a security policy setup in your home directory (because Clojure's eval is unsafe if used improperly). Set up a file called .java.policy in your home directory. The contents should look vaguely like this:

    grant { permission; };

    but see the readme of that project for more details.

  • cd to the 4clojure project directory and run lein deps.

  • Start up your mongodb, if you don't have autostart:

  • For the first time use, you will need to load the problem data. Run the script

  • Run lein ring server


Problem sources:


The source code for 4clojure is available under the Eclipse Public License v 1.0. For more information, see LICENSE.html.

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