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Version 0.3.9 (TBA)
* Clojure REPL (David Byrne)
* Remote edit files (Felipe Coury)
* Remote directory view (Felipe Coury)
* Connection manager (Felipe Coury)
* Fix crashing bug when exceptions have no message (Kieran Pilkington)
* Runnables tab shows name of process (Delisa Mason)
* Runnables can run in background without visible feedback (Delisa Mason)
* Runnables run with cwd of your project directory, rather than redcar's cwd (Delisa Mason)
* Search and Replace in tab command (William Cherry)
* Reload file command (Kurt Werle)
* Fixed dependency list in (Matthew Scharley)
* Show Installed Bundles command (John Wells)
* New API for plugins to hook into the project pane context menu (Matthew Scharley)
* Auto-detects private keys for remote editing with SSH (Dan Lucraft)
* Menu items can have a priority (Matthew Scharley)
* --fork option to detach from console (Matthew Scharley)
* Runnables are grouped by file (Delisa Mason)
* View keyboard shortcuts help command (Delisa Mason)
Version (24 July 2010)
* Parse the xulrunner releases page to determine the latest. (Dan Lucraft)
Version (24 July 2010)
* Fix installation (Dan Lucraft)
Version (22 July 2010)
* Update xulrunner url AGAIN. (Dan Lucraft)
Version (18 July 2010)
* Update xulrunner url to point to existing distribution. (huma- and akautm)
* Hack to make Rexml load invalid character correctly on 1.9.1. (huma-)
* Fix installer script to put openssl jar in the right place (Dan Lucraft)
Version 0.3.8 (12 July 2010)
* Can switch between open trees in a window (Dan Lucraft)
* Runnables: extensible runnable tasks/build items/tests/generators for projects. (Dan Lucraft)
* Runnables: run scripts in edit tabs as processes. (Dan Lucraft)
* Fix for: end key not working in documents with Windows-style line endings (Dan Lucraft)
* Caches downloaded jar files so that installation is faster when updating versions. (Felipe Coury)
* Fix for: dragging and dropping HtmlTabs between notebooks and windows. (Dan Lucraft)
* Select Word command (Johannes Wollert)
* Move tab up/Move tab down commands (Johannes Wollert)
* New APIs: Document#current_word, Document#word_at_offset (Johannes Wollert)
* Made the first tab open for a new install MUCH faster by generating the textmate bundle cache in the install script (Dan Lucraft)
* Search speedbar is opened with selected text as the default search (Johannes Wollert)
* Helper method for executing JavaScript in the browser during controller actions (Dan Lucraft)
Version (25 Jun 2010)
* Fixed bug: URI class not found. (Dan Lucraft)
Version 0.3.7 (24 Jun 2010)
* Can create new files and directories, rename and delete files in the Project pane (Dan Lucraft)
* Can Bulk Rename files in projects with regular expression replacement (Dan Lucraft)
* Can drag and drop files and directories in the Project pane (Dan Lucraft)
* Won't leave an empty window open when you open a project (Aaron McLeod)
* Optionally show hidden files in the project pane (Dan Lucraft)
* Fixed Shift+End on Linux to highlight to end of line rather than go to end of file (Dan Lucraft)
* Fixed launching redcar with "jruby" command (Aaron McLeod)
* Context menu callback for trees (Dan Lucraft)
* Tree gained new methods for editing and expanding rows. (Dan Lucraft)
* new Tree DragController SPI for responding to drag and drop events (Dan Lucraft)
* Improvements to the HtmlView for interacting between Ruby controllers and JavaScript events (Dan Lucraft)
* In HtmlViews form submissions can go to the Ruby controller (Dan Lucraft)
Version 0.3.6 (5 Jun 2010)
* Folders open in the project view on a double click (Nizar Jouini)
* Drag and drop tabs (Tim Felgentreff)
* Change font and theme commands (Sam Clopton)
* Word wrap option (Dan Lucraft)
* Toggle line numbers (Dan Lucraft)
* Can put TM themes and bundles into .redcar/{Bundles,Themes} (Dan Lucraft)
* Home command goes to start of text first then start of line (Dan Lucraft)
* The project view has a fixed width that doesn't change if you resize the main window (Tim Felgentreff)
* Optional margin that colours text differently past a configurable column. (Dan Lucraft)
* Experimental app bundle for Mac OSX. (Tim Felgentreff)
* Moved to JRuby 1.5 (Dan Lucraft)
* Opens content from standard in (Dan Lucraft)
* Dev versions of Redcar have a blue icon (Dan Lucraft)
New APIs:
* Annotations column (Dan Lucraft)
* Open popup menu and tooltips at cursor/pointer locations (Dan Lucraft)
New contributors:
* Nizar Jouini
Version 0.3.5dev (1 May 2010)
* Jump to declaration support for Ruby and Java
* Double click respects word boundaries
* Window title reflects project name
* Duplicate region command
* Switch tab with Alt-1, Alt-2 (or Cmd-1, Cmd-2 on OSX)
* Prompts to save modified tabs on tab, window or application close
* Snippet menus show tab trigger more nicely (linux/windows)
* Watches to changes to open files, and prompts to revert
* Project view sorts directories before files (by popular request!)
* Shows menu bar on OSX when there are no windows open
* Halve startup time from 0.3.4 (warm startup)
* Added background Task APIs.
* Task Manager
* Added ProjectRefresh Task API
* No longer dumps command errors to the console
* Command history tab
* Speed up opening of first file by lazy loading embedded grammars
* Sped up Ruby highlighting by 17x
* Doesn't die on long lines (gives up after 500 characters now)
* Added show/hide invisible characters menu option
* Smart indentation as you type (based on Textmate bundle rules)
* Add profiling commands to the Debug menu (uses jruby-prof)
* Lazy menus API
* Commands to profile Redcar with jruby-prof.
* Fix delete at end of line when using "\r\n" delimiter
* Increase and decrease indent commands respect soft tabs and tab width settings
* Directory tree sorts correctly
* Speed up opening a project (about 1s faster)
New contributors:
* Antono Vasiljev
* Sergey Potapov
* Kirill Nikitin
* Juozas Gaigalas
* Tim Felgentreff
Version 0.3.4dev (7 Mar 2010)
New features:
* Auto-pairer inserts matching characters ( -> ), " -> ", etc
* Snippets
* Recent directories menu
* Uses Gecko for HTMLTabs on Windows.
Internal changes:
* New API for creating text Marks, to tag a position in a Document.
* new PersistentCache class for plugins to simply cache stuff.
* Textmate plugin for dealing with Textmate bundles.
* Application focus in/out events.
* Respects Windows style line delimiters
New contributors:
* Aaron McLeod
Version 0.3.3dev (21 Feb 2010)
New features:
* Tab stops:
- Can set tab width for open tab.
- Default tab width is remembered per language.
- Soft tabs (spaces that behave like tabs).
- Default soft/hard option is remembered per language.
* FindFileDialog:
- opens with a list of files opened this session.
- caches file list between invocations (cleared on window focus)
* Can autocomplete with a menu popup.
* Opens files and folders passed on the command line.
* Reopens last open directory on startup.
* Single instance support: redirects to currently open instance if any.
* Added 'encryption' plugin, mainly as an example.
* Forward search: wraps, regex option, match case option.
* Very raw edit preferences command (Show me the YAML!)
* Help > About command
* Can specify HTTP_PROXY for downloading jars.
* REPL captures and prints STDOUT
* Can register Redcar for opening files on Windows. (See redcar -h)
Internal changes:
* Keybindings are now stored in Keymap objects, in preparation for user preferences.
* Speedbar now uses an EditView for textboxes.
* Speedbars can have combos in them.
* Speedbars have access to the properties of the widgets in them.
* Added tab and escape key handler support to the EditView.
* Fixed some highlighter bugs.
* Search searches last line in doc.
* Doesn't die on Windows-1252 encodings.
* Plugin Manager UI works on Linux and Windows.
New contributors:
* Mat Schaffer
* Felipe Coury
* Sam Clopton
* Roger D Pack
Version 0.3.2dev (23 Jan 2010)
New features:
* Dialog API for plugins and commands to use.
* Speedbar API for plugins and commands to use (e.g. Goto Line command).
* Remembers last directory when opening a file/directory. (thanks Roger Pack)
* Word movement (alt-left, alt-right) now works as it should in an editor for
* Very simple forward search command.
* Somewhat faster startup time.
* Nicer error message when jruby jar is missing.
* Goto Line command
* Select All and Select Line commands.
* Cut and Copy will take the line if there is no selection
* Block typing mode
* Auto completion
* HTML View, with Ruby/JavaScript interface, to write plugins in HTML+CSS+JS.
* PluginManagerUI plugin, running on the HTML View.
Internal changes:
* Ported plugins to plugin_manager gem (
* Pure Ruby clipboard and Copy/Cut/Paste commands.
* The show more tabs menu in a notebook is handled properly.
* Deleting a lot of lines no longer causes the last few to lose highlighting.
* Clojure highlighting works.
* HTML colours no longer 'bleed' past the tags
Version 0.3.1dev (9 Jan 2010)
* Fuzzy file finder.
* Directory tree refreshes on window focus.
* Keybindings to switch tabs and notebooks.
* Undo/redo.
* Home/end keys.
* Modified tabs have little stars before their names.
* Increase indent and decrease indent commands (need further work).
* Themes support bold, italic and underline again.
* All commands are greyed out when inapplicable.
* Files can not be opened twice.
* Added Java, Perl and Ruby on Rails bundles.
* New simpler way for bundles to add commands to menus (used in repl.rb)
* New "redcar install" command to download jars.
* Change key logic in JavaMateView - should fix a bunch of subtle highlighting bugs.
* Runs on Java 5.
* Open Directory doesn't log an error if you cancel.
Version 0.3.0dev (25 Dec 2009)
Rewritten in JRuby/SWT.
* _Much_ simpler installation: packaged as a gem.
* Faster highlighter
* Fewer bugs
* Clearer architecture
* Multiple window/project support.
Version 0.2 (28 May 2009)
New features, enhancements:
* Fuzzy file finder notices new files and runs MUCH faster.
* Undo close tab (Ctrl+Shift+T)
* Type " or ( or [ etc to wrap selection in pair.
* Warm startup 3 times faster.
* Added Incremental Search menu item.
* Now prompts to save if file is modified when closed.
* HtmlTab now uses Webkit instead of Mozilla
* Convert case commands
* Keybindings match up with Gnome better (Ctrl+C/V)
* Added Scala and Haskell bundles.
* Added theme from Railscasts
Bug fixes:
* Fixed Jaunty DBus bug (no more --multiple-instance!) (#60)
* Fixed paste-over bug (#74)
* Fixed bug that allows multiple project tabs (#69)
* Fixed so only one copy of a file can be open (#62)
* Fixed file finder not finding new files
* Fixed silently failing to save when bad permissions (#10)
New contributors:
* Mark Wilkinson
* Pat Ciambrone
* poweradapter
* Henrik Hodne
Version 0.1 (6 April 2009)
First release.
* Textmate syntax highlighting
* Textmate snippets
* Text, Source, Ruby Textmate commands + some others
* Project pane
* Daniel Lucraft
* Cairo Noleto