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Multi-Dimensional charting built to work natively with crossfilter rendered with d3.js
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Dimensional charting built to work natively with crossfilter rendered using d3.js. In dc.js, each chart displays an aggregation of some attributes through the position, size, and color of its elements, and also presents a dimension which can be filtered. When the filter or brush changes, all other charts are updated dynamically, using animated transitions.

Check out the example page and its annotated source for a quick five minute how-to guide. The detailed API reference is here (markdown version). For more examples and hints please visit the Wiki.


Please direct questions and support requests to Stack Overflow or the user group. When posting to Stack Overflow, use the [dc.js] and/or [crossfilter] tags - other tags are likely to draw unwanted attention.

Get help faster with a working example! Fork these to get started:
example jsFiddle - blank jsFiddle - example bl.ock - blank bl.ock


Version 3.* is compatible with d3 versions 4 and 5. Use dc.js 2.* if you still need compatibility with d3 version 3.

CDN location

or copy the latest links from CDNJS

Install with npm

npm install dc

Install with bower

bower install dcjs

Install without npm


How to build dc.js locally

Prerequisite modules

Make sure the following packages are installed on your machine

  • node.js
  • npm

Install dependencies

$ npm install

Build and Test

$ grunt test

Developing dc.js

Start the development server

$ grunt server


dc.js is an open source javascript library and licensed under Apache License v2.

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