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JavaScript Library for Multi-Dimensional Charting

dc.js is a multi-dimensional charting library built to work natively with crossfilter and rendered using d3.js.

Please direct questions and support requests to Stack Overflow or the user group. When posting to Stack Overflow, use the [dc.js] and/or [crossfilter] tags - other tags are likely to draw unwanted attention.

Get help faster with a working example! Fork these to get started:
example jsFiddle - blank jsFiddle - example bl.ock - blank bl.ock


dc.js depends on the following javascript libraries to function properly.

Where to get dc.js


Although 1.7.5 is the last stable version, current development is on the 2.0 branch - please try one of the betas, because dc.js 2.0 will be released soon.

CDN location

Navigate on CDNJS to get the latest 2.0 betas.


Please do not use github.io as a CDN unless you need the bleeding-edge features, as it is not stable (and GitHub doesn't like you doing that). In particular, we are sorry to report that nickqizhu.github.io/dc.js/* went away when we transferred the project to dc-js.github.io.

If you really must use github.io as a CDN, the URLs are:


Community Examples

Books and Tutorials

Optimizing & Performance Tuning

  • Read about tips on how to increase number of records, decrease latency and general optimization tricks.