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Experimental python3.x based ICMP bind shell listener using scapy and windows 'compatible'
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Experimental python3.x based ICMP bind shell listener using scapy and windows 'compatible'


This is a simple PoC for sending basic C2 over ICMP echo/replies via 'bind' equivalent The listener has been tested on Python 3.x under Windows within 64 bit python default settings Ensure that you do a 'pip install scapy' prior to using the script Modify the sniff listener 'iface=' to be whichever interface you use

In windows, you can find this under show_interfaces() illustrated below:

show_interfaces() INDEX IFACE IP MAC 13 Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 IntelCor:11:22:00

Client Usage Example:

Run scapy interactive (aka start > run > cmd.exe > scapy) command = "whoami" sendpkt = IP(src="", dst="")/ICMP(type=8)/Raw(load=command) ans, unans = sr(sendpkt, timeout=2) ans[0]

NOTE: Any expected return payload seems to not work well with multi-line returns.

Example findings with this base code: whoami - returns in icmp response pkt hostname - returns in icmp response pkt ipconfig - Returns only a new line in response pkt and '\n' errors in the listening console screen ping - Returns empty in response pkt with payload on the listening console screen

This software provides no expressed warranty or liability for use and is licensed under GPLv2 Dennis Chow dchow[AT]


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