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import os
import re
class Document:
def __init__(self):
self.words = []
self.length = 0
class Corpus:
each corpus must be its own file.
the filename is the name of the corpus.
each document is represented as a line in the corpus file.
Each document is represented by a vector of integers.
Each element of the vector corresponds to a unique identifier for a word,
defined in a separate vocab file (to save memory).
def __init__(self, vocab, name="", docs=[], num_docs=0): = name
self.vocab = vocab
self.vocab_size = len(vocab) = docs
self.num_docs = num_docs
def read_data(corpus_path, vocab_path):
print "looking for file at:", corpus_path
if not os.path.exists(corpus_path):
print "couldn't find file - try again!"
# each corpus is a file
corpus_name = os.path.basename(corpus_path).split('.')[0]
corpus_name = re.sub(corpus_name, "_", " ")
print "looking for vocab at:", vocab_path
# get vocab list
vocab = [word for word in open(vocab_path, 'rb').read().split()]
c = Corpus(vocab) = corpus_name
# each line is a document
with open(corpus_path) as f:
for line in f:
d = Document()
wordids = line.strip().split()
d.words = wordids
d.length = len(d.words)
return c