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python module for parsing and writing kickstart configs
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M4rtinK A couple fixes for %packaging section docs
Drop the reference to "first CD-ROM" and "installation media"
instead and also note comps files might be found in the network
installation repos as well.

Also note that --ignoremissing should work for module streams as well.
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Pykickstart is a Python 2 and Python 3 library consisting of a data representation of kickstart files, a parser to read files into that representation, and a writer to generate kickstart files.

Online documentation

Online documentation for kickstart and the Pykickstart library is available on Read the Docs:

How to generate the kickstart documentation

The pykickstart documentation is generated dynamically from the source code with Sphinx.

To generate the documentation first make sure you have the Python bindings for Sphinx and the ordered set Python module installed. At least on Fedora this means installing the python3-sphinx and python3-orderedset packages.

Then change directory to the docs folder:

cd docs

And generate the docs with:

make html

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