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RPMs for Graphite/Carbon/Whisper project.
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(Fix #6) Require bitmap-fonts on EL6

bitmap-fonts (and associated bitmap sub-packages) are required on minimal
EL6 machines in order to prevent a MemoryError exception when rendering

It might be possible to use a smaller subset of these bitmaps fonts but the
results seem inconsistent depending on what combination is used. Seems
better to include the lot.
latest commit 93e5c99ae2
Dan Carley authored

RPMs for Graphite/Carbon/Whisper project.

This is a continuation of the user contributions detailed at:

All dependencies can be satisified by the stock CentOS/RHEL and EPEL repositories. To use these packages on EL5 you will need version 8.0 or greater of python-twisted-core. This can be easily obtained by recompiling the SRPM from EL6. Newer versions of Python, Django, etc are not currently required.

Build SRPMs with rpmbuild -bs --nodeps and binary RPMs with mock.

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