RPMs for Graphite/Carbon/Whisper project.
Latest commit 93e5c99 Oct 4, 2012 @dcarley (Fix #6) Require bitmap-fonts on EL6
bitmap-fonts (and associated bitmap sub-packages) are required on minimal
EL6 machines in order to prevent a MemoryError exception when rendering

It might be possible to use a smaller subset of these bitmaps fonts but the
results seem inconsistent depending on what combination is used. Seems
better to include the lot.


RPMs for Graphite/Carbon/Whisper project.

This is a continuation of the user contributions detailed at:

All dependencies can be satisified by the stock CentOS/RHEL and EPEL repositories. To use these packages on EL5 you will need version 8.0 or greater of python-twisted-core. This can be easily obtained by recompiling the SRPM from EL6. Newer versions of Python, Django, etc are not currently required.

Build SRPMs with rpmbuild -bs --nodeps and binary RPMs with mock.