A quick and dirty web UI that approximates the # of clickstream tuples processed by EMR jobs on a given AWS account
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emrCounter is a dead-simple python app that aims to illustrate the amount of work being done by a set of Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) jobs running under a given AWS account. The jobs themselves log metrics to Amazon SimpleDB, and the emrCounter app serves up a page that shows an animated view of those metrics.

Credit for the cool Apple-style flip counter animation goes to Chris Nanney


  • Developed/tested on Python 2.6.1
  • The easiest way to get all the required Python deps is by using pip and virtualenv
  • emrCounter uses the following Python dependencies:


  • $ pip install -E path/to/virtualenv -r pip_requirements.txt
  • replace the appropriate values in config.ini
  • $ python counter.py
  • browse to localhost: