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D Support for Protocol Buffers

This D package implements the Protocol Buffers encoding and decoding operations for both binary and JSON formats. The support library uses the generated D code that defines the messages and enum types.

Together with this library D generation support was added to protoc. The generated code is very simple and easy to read.

⚠️ protoc-gen-d plugin generates D code for proto3 .proto files only.


The Protocol Buffers D support library is distributed as DUB package. Use the instructions there about how to integrate it in your project.

The DUB package contains the support library and the protoc-gen-d protoc plugin. In order to have the D code generation available (--d_out option) protoc-gen-d needs to be specified to protoc invocation via --plugin option. Please see the Protocol Buffers README about installing protoc on your system.


Run following commands:

dub build :protoc-gen-d
cd examples
dub build :add_person
dub build :list_people


  • protoc version 3.0 or newer
  • Protobuf well known types .proto files installed or accessible for protoc