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Browser components for native AIR apps with Adobe Developer Connection.
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Browser components for native apps built with AIR

The AIR runtime has opened up the world of desktop applications to Flash developers. In my own experience I've seen a need for the unique features of AIR when developing applications for e-learning and social networking apps. The challenge in these situations is that we often need a browser, but we don't want the navigation features or open environment of the standard browsers we use from day to day.

To address this challenge, we've developed a series of AIR components for Flash Pro that can be used to manipulate the AIR ActionScript APIs, and build custom browser prototypes. The components are designed to speed up the development process and introduce the use of XML data sources to aide in creating a standard workflow in Flash Professional.

Sample Project

The sample application includes a working AIR browser application that implements the AIR components. Beyond being a usable sample as presented, the source files are provided so that you may customize and expand upon the work.

  • app-storage folder
    • catalog folder (storage for local content)
    • config folder (stores configuration XML)
    • help folder (stores help content)
    • images folder (stores image content)
    • Error.html
    • Start.html
    • TypeError.html
  • com folder (ActionScript package)
  • icons folder (storage for app icons)
  • AIRBrowser.fla (source file)
  • AIRBrowser-app.xml (descriptor file)


You can find more documentation about the project and components at the related Adobe article.

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