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This repository contains the lectures for NAPS intermediate physics in the form of Jupyter notebooks. The latest version of these notebooks will be located here.

Here are two ways to access these notebooks:

  1. Get an interactive session in with these course materials by clicking on this button: Binder. This will allow you to modify and run the code in the notebook. Select the folder notebooks to access the lessons of this course as fully executable Jupyter notebooks. Note: It may take some time for the session to start, so be patient!
  2. If you click on the links below, you will be taken to a non-interactive version of the notebook; you will be able to read the text, but you cannot run the code.

Lesson 01: Introduction to Python

Lesson 02: Units and velocity

Lesson 03: Introduction to vectors

Lesson 04: Acceleration and free-fall

Lesson 05: Kinematic equations

Lesson 06: Vector magnitude and direction

Lesson 07: Projectile motion

Lesson 08: Linear momentum and Newton's laws of motion

Lesson 09: Center of mass and collisions

Lesson 10: Relative motion

Lesson 11: Scalar product

Lesson 12: Two-dimensional collisions

Lesson 13: Solving force problems

Lesson 14: Inclined planes

Lesson 15: Friction

Lesson 16: Inclined planes with friction

Lesson 17: Fluids

Lesson 18: Circular motion

Lesson 19: Vector product and torque

Lesson 20: Angular momentum

Lesson 21: Rotational kinematics

Lesson 22: Rotational dynamics

Lesson 23: Work and energy

Lesson 24: Conservation of energy

Lesson 25: Universal gravitation

Lesson 26: Gravitational potential energy

Lesson 27: Kepler's laws

Lesson 28: Coulomb's law

Lesson 29: Electric fields

Lesson 30: Circuit concepts

Lesson 31: Resistor circuits

Lesson 32: Complex circuits

Lesson 33: Capacitor circuits

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


Jupyter notebook lectures for intermediate physics at the Naval Academy Preparatory School



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