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Welcome to The NLP Lab Pages

The Natural Language Processing Lab (NLP-Lab) is focused on theoretical work and implementations of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions using hybrid approaches, empiricist, neural, probabilistic, and knowledge-driven, with a particular interest in neuro-symbolic modeling. We are also interested in [Quantum NLP]]( and NLP combined with Machine Learning (ML) solutions for computer vision and multi-modal information processing.

The NLP-Lab is located at Indiana University at Bloomington. While it is mainly a local group of students and researchers with a strong interest in NLP and AI here in Indiana, it has ties to colleagues all across the country.

For the rest of the year 2024 we meet in person every week in Luddy Hall BCIF 0002, every Wednesday 5:00-6:30 PM. (See Teams and email announcements for more details.)

The Quantum NLP Study Group meetings are in Luddy Hall BLIF 0002 every Thursday 5:00-6:30 PM.

Please contact Damir Cavar if you are interested in joining the NLP-Lab meetings. The meetings are in person, and only exceptionally Teams-based online participants can join.


Research Foci

During the 2024 academic year, the focus is on:

In all these projects, we work on hands-on implementation of technologies, utilizing programming languages like Python and Rust, and graph or RDF libraries, as well as common graph-database systems like Apache Jena, Fluree, oxigraph, AllegroGraph, GraphDB, or Neo4j.

See for example:

If you are interested in joining our Rust tutorials with a focus on using Rust for NLP and AI or in Robotics environments (with the [Robot Operating System] (ROS)), please get in touch!

Previous projects foci:

  • 2023 Datathon and Hackathon on Antisemitic and hate speech, using NLP and Machine Learning to process social media posts.
  • Language Resources for Turkic Languages - Focusing on Azerbaijani
  • Processing of the Mueller Report: corpus analysis, prediction models, Knowledge Graph and Event Graph extraction, time reference and sequencing along the time axis (GitHub repo). The cleaned-out text corpus with basic annotations is finally available. More data is coming soon.
  • Antisemitism in Social Media
  • I was organizing special meetings to refresh our knowledge of Lisp and Prolog for logic computation and reasoning, in particular, related to computational semantics and pragmatics, and probabilistic logic, integrating Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph technologies. See here... but the pandemic interfered with that. We should talk about a continuation. Please get in touch, if you are interested in Lisp / Scheme / Prolog.


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Former Team Members

| Aarnav | Dr. Ali Abdulaziz Aljubailan | | Aravind Dendukuri | Shreeja Deshpanbe | | Dr. Ludovic Mompelat | Harshwardhan Raghunath Patil | | Gordon Elliot Lichtstein | Shane Alan Sparks | | Oren Baldinger | Abhishek Babuji | | Rohit Bapat | Aarushi Bisht | | Rushabh Dharia | Josephine Douglas | | Boli Fang | Matthew Fort | | Maanvitha Gongalla | Peace Han | | Murali Kishore Varma Kammili | Anurag Kumar | | Shujun Liu | Dr. Anthony Meyer | | Anshul Kumar Mangalapalli | Tanmayi Balla | | Umang Mehta | Shreejith Panicker | | Chaitanya Patil | Dr. Falcon Dario Restrepo Ramos | | Animesh Sagar | Gopal Seshadri | | Jagpreet Singh Chawla | Surya Prateek Soni | | Ashutosh Tiwari | Dr. Yuna Won | | Kimball Wu | Yiwen Zhang | | Yuchen Yang | John MacIntosh Phillips |

Here is our Event Calendar with all meeting times.