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This wiki is for planning things like social activities, BOFs, ad-hoc hackathons, and anything else that isn't an official part of the conference.


  • Perl 6 - docs, tutoring, and "real" work

A Perl 6 hackathon will be held on Thursday at the conference hotel (Holiday Inn Alexandria at Carlyle), near the lobby/bar/restaurant.

Just the Docs part of last year's hackathon found several problems in the docs (found by beginners!), and at least two new people who have worked on Perl 6 through the year.

People who did not attend the conference are welcome.

LOCATION CHANGE: We may also be in the Hackathon room (Mount Vernon II, Lobby floor, same hotel), next door to the tutorials. We have food, drinks, and power in Mount Vernon II, but the bar will have its own appeal.

Bruce Gray (Util) will be in the lobby by 9:30, to help connect people who have projects needing hands/eyes/brains with people offering such, and to run the Docs part of the work.

Many people intend to participate, but are attending the paid tutorials, so we expect a jump in participation when those classes end at 5:30.


"Birds Of a Feather" sessions are informal gatherings of like-minded individuals who wish to discuss a certain topic without a pre-planned agenda.

Some BOFs from last year were: "Perl 6", "Perl 11", "Knitting", "Scalability", and "Perl and the Early Web".

  • Perl 6

The Perl 6 BOF will be Tuesday night after the "Inventors Hall of Fame" social event; exact time and place are: 18:45, at the couches next to the colorful rain barrel, near where you picked up your badge and T-shirt.

(It went so well and so long [2h25m], we wanted a record):

  • Jonathan Miller
  • Steven Lembark
  • Vadim Belman (vrurg)
  • David Adler (dha)
  • Thomas Browder (tbrowder)
  • Douglas Schrag (dmaestro)
  • Daniel Ruoso (ruoso)
  • Brian Duggan (bduggan)
  • Curt Tilmes (ctilmes)
  • Brock Wilcox (awwaiid)
  • Bruce Gray (Util)
  • Larry Sherwood
  • Larry Wall (TimToady)

The "Compiling Perl" BOF was lunch at the cafeteria on Wednesday:

  • Richard Dean Johnson
  • Will "The Chill" Braswell
  • Graham Ollis
  • Joel Berger
  • Chris Marshall
  • David Mertens
  • Dylan Hardison
  • Vadim Belman
  • Desmond Daignault
  • Chas Owens
  • Bruce Gray

Representing RPerl, FFI projects, Native interfaces, PDL, C::Blocks, Alien::*, VMs, and IRC #perl11 and #native.

Pre-Conference Activities

Post-Conference Activities


Arrivals and Departures


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