Where People Are Staying

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Should you wish to let people know where you will be staying during The Perl Conference 2017, list below.

Currently Seeking Couch Or Floor Crash Space

  • Will Braswell, Austin Perl Mongers (512.563.798four cell, william.braswell AT autoparallel.com)
  • Richard Johnson, Austin Perl Mongers

Days Inn Alexandria South

  • Jim Keenan

Hilton Inn Alexandria at Carlyle

(Maybe this should be "Holiday" instead of "Hilton"?)

  • Dave Rolsky

Residence Inn Alexandria Old Town South at Carlyle

  • Randal Schwartz
  • Tom Browder
  • Stevan Little
  • Sawyer X
  • Mickey Nasriachi

Hilton Garden Inn Alexandria Old Town

  • Lee Johnson

Holiday Inn Alexandria at Carlyle

This is the hotel that offered a deal on a block of rooms at a conference rate. This special offer ended on June 5. You might still be able to get the deal if you call the hotel. If you booked at this hotel without the deal, please let the organizers know so the conference can get credit for your room nights against the required number.

  • Sam Batschelet (hexfusion)
  • Josh Lavin (digory)
  • Matt Persico
  • R Geoffrey Avery
  • Dave Zabka
  • Jay Hannah (booked Jun 14, they said the TPC block was closed and did meet contract, so no worries there?)
  • Liam McNerney
  • Bruce Gray (Util)
  • Mark Gardner

Holiday Inn and Suites Old Town

  • Chip Salzenberg

Budget Host Inn Traveler’s Motel

  • John Karr
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