A webapp to manage a class of students in a computer lab
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RoomHelper 3000

A webapp to manage a class of students in a computer lab.

  • shows where the students are sitting (from the teacher’s and the students’ perspective)
  • lets the students indicate they need help, are done with the current task, or have an answer to the question being asked
  • randomly chooses students from the entire class, or from just those who have indicated they have an answer
  • shows the students the current task, or other message from the teacher
  • gives realtime polls
    • multiple choice
    • from 0 to 10
  • allows the students to chat with each other (when the teacher permits it)
  • provides a bell that rings on all the computers

Feature ideas:

  • Chat:
    • Delete all messages from a person
    • Disable chat for a person
  • Make it easier to help students in order of them checking the box. Maybe a special marking for whoever is next. Perhaps this:
    • An assistant page that is like the teacher page, but with less power, and focused on helping kids in the order requested
  • Remove confusion where students think they have to push Set when they change checkbox settings
  • Let the students pick their location by clicking on the seating chart instead of by row and column
  • Show poll results graphically à la Google forms
  • Allow pre-loading poll questions
    • Paste them in, in some special format?
  • Show how much time remains in the period

Screen shot