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This is a Java library for converting between bitcoin transaction IDs (txid) and "Bech32 Encoded Tx Position References" (txref). Txrefs are described in BIP 0136.

Getting libtxref-java

To use libtxref-java in your project, you can get the package from Maven Central:

To use the package, you need the following Maven dependency:


or download the jar from the Maven repository.

The only external dependencies libtxref-java has are libbech32-java and JUint.

Usage Example

import design.contract.txref.Txref;

public class EncodingExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

            int blockHeight = 466793;
            int transactionPosition = 2205;

            // create a simple txref for a testnet transaction
            String txref = Txref.encodeTestnet( blockHeight, transactionPosition);

            // prints "txtest1:xjk0-uqay-zat0-dz8"

            int txoIndex = 3;

            // create an extended txref for a testnet transaction
            txref = Txref.encodeTestnet( blockHeight, transactionPosition, txoIndex);

            // prints "txtest1:8jk0-uqay-zrqq-23mk-fl"

Building libtxref-java

To build libtxref-java, you will need:

  • Java (8+)
  • Maven

libbech32-java uses a standard maven build process:

mvn install

You can also run just the tests without installing:

mvn test
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