A React + Redux project demonstrating how to interface with the Github API
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Github Issues

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App. Read on for how to run and test the app.

Run The App

yarn    # or 'npm install'
yarn start

It will open up a browser to http://localhost:3000.

Run The Tests

CI=true yarn test

The CI=true is not required, but it will enter watch mode unless that flag is present.

Bonus Features

View Any repo

While the app defaults to viewing the issues for rails/rails, it will work with any org/repo combo. With the app running, try these:

Markdown Summaries and Comments

The full issue summaries and comments are passed through the react-markdown component to make them nicer to read.

Try this one: http://localhost:3000/rails/rails/issues/27224

Loading Placeholders

While the issue list is loading, placeholder issues are displayed for a smoother UX.

Try any repo's issues page: