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This is a template for a Node-RED project meant to be run in local mode
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This is a template for a Node-RED project meant to be run in local mode. The idea is to run an instance of Node-RED entirely from within a local directory to make it more portable. This also makes running multiple instances of Node-RED at the same time easier.

Node-RED will start with a blank canvas and will save the flow file to flow.json the first time a deploy is done. If you add your own flow.json file it will load that by default.


mkdir MyNiceProject
cd MyNiceProject
git clone .
npm install
npm start

When running multiple instances in parallel, you can specify a port:

npm start 1885

To force an npm install (if you modified the package.json to add dependencies for example) you can use the -f switch:

npm start -- -f


There is also a Dockerfile that can be used to create a docker image of your project by running

docker build -t node-red-project .

and then use this to run it (assumes you want port 1880 mapped direct, and see the terminal output).

docker run -it -p 1880:1880 -e NODE_RED_CREDENTIAL_SECRET="my-secret-key" --name mynodered node-red-project

For more information look at the Dockerfile itself.


You can easily add third party nodes by modifying the package.json file. For this example template we added the node-red-dashboard and node-red-contrib-web-worldmap packages.

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