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Dana Ernst dcernst

  • IBL-IntroToProof

    IBL task sequence for an introduction to proof course.

    Last updated April 07, 2014

  • FBPolicyForTeachers

    Repository for FOCUS article on potential Facebook policies for mathematics teachers

    Last updated February 09, 2014

  • ROPE

    Resource of Open Problems for Education

    Last updated January 27, 2014

  • IBL-AbstractAlgebra

    IBL course materials for an abstract algebra course that emphasizes visualization and incorporates technology.

    Last updated November 20, 2013

  • FGP2012-OpenProblemLibrary

    Grant proposal to NAU's 2012 Faculty Grant Program for an Open Problem Library in Mathematics.

    Last updated November 23, 2012

  • CURM2012-MiniGrant

    Grant proposal for 2012 Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics Mini-Grant

    Last updated November 14, 2012

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