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WABA Bike Infrastructure Map Project

DCFemTech Hack for Good 2016

Live Demo

Screenshot of the project


This project is managed with npm - you will need to first install Node and NPM. We recommend using the Node Version Manager (nvm) or nvm-windows to install and manage Node.

Once you've installed Node, to run this project:

  1. Clone the repo locally: git clone or git clone depending on your git setup
  2. Change into the directory: cd hackforgood-waba-map
  3. Install dependencies: npm install
  4. Start the project: npm start


At the moment there are no tests. Nevertheless, if you run npm test this will lint for code style using eslint.

Data Sources

Location URL Description
Montgomery County, MD Bikeways from dataMontgomery Filtered by category = "Paved Off-Road Trail" or "Bike Lanes" or "Separated Bike Lanes"
Fairfax County, VA Bicycle routes from Fairfax GIS Data and County Trails from Fairfax GIS Data and Non-County Trails from Fairfax GIS Data Routes filtered by STATUS = 'Bike Lane', Trails filtered by SURFACE_MATERIAL = 'Asphalt' or SURFACE_MATERIAL = 'Concrete'
Arlington County, VA Bike routes from Arlington County GIS Data Filtered by Route_Type = "Off Street Trail" or "Marked Route".
Alexandria City, VA Bike trails from Alexandria Open GIS Data Portal Filtered by (TRAILTYPE = "Off Street" or "On Street") and SHARROW = "No"
Prince George's County, MD Master Plan Trails from PG Planning Open Data Portal Filtered by FACILITY_S = "Existing" AND "FACILITY_T = "Bike Lane" OR "FACILITY_T" = "Hard Surface Trail"
Washington, DC Bicycle Lanes from and Bike Trails from Filtered by FACILITY = "Existing Bike Lane" OR "Climbing Lane" OR "Contraflow Bike Lane" or "Cycle Track"