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DoDoc is a documentation tool, first designed for a children use in classrooms. It is is a documentation platform connected to a physical device that operates a camera and a microphone. It enables one to capture traces from an on-going experience for later reflections, reconstructions and creations of narratives.
DoDoc is a research project developed by l'atelier des chercheurs (Sarah Garcin, Pauline Gourlet & Louis Eveillard).
License CC BY-NC
You can find more documentation and contribute to the project here.




Using the terminal


Follow this tutorial:


Go to Applications->Utilitaries->Terminal


If you have Linux you know how to use the terminal

###Open a folder to install DoDoc Select where you want DoDoc to be copied on your computer. To open this folder, type cd path/of/the/folder Example : in your folder "Documents", which is on your C:/ harddrive. Type cd C:/Documents

##How to install Dodoc

Clone the repo or download it

To download the repository, click on the "Download zip" button on the dodoc Github page

(Recommended - easier for Updates) To clone the repository open the terminal, open the directory where you want to place dodoc (for example > cd C:/Documents), and type this command
git clone then open the dodoc directory by typing cd dodoc

###Install nodejs on your computer

You can install nodejs from this page
Then, verify that it is correctly installed by typing in the terminal
node -v

###Install dependencies

In terminal go to the dodoc directory you have just cloned or downloaded:
cd path/of/the/dodoc/directory
cd Pauline/sites/dodoc

Once you are in the right directory
(the terminal says for example MacBook-Pro-de-Pauline-3:dodoc Pauline$ )
Enter the command:
npm install

On Windows XP, if you get the following error : Error: Failed to replace env in config: ${APPDATA} you have to first set the right path to a writable folder for node. Go to C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm and open npmrc. Replace the line 'prefix=${APPDATA}\npm' with prefix=C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm

###Install ffmpeg Official page

####On Linux Install ffmpeg from your package manager.

####On windows (it works on every version of windows) Follow this tutorial:

####On Mac OSX Follow this tutorial:

###Run DoDoc In the right directory (cd path/of/the/dodoc/directory ) (the terminal says for example MacBook-de-Toto:dodoc Pauline$ )
Run the server in the terminal (enter the following command:)
node server.js

Go to browser and go to the url (For now dodoc works only on Google Chrome or Chromium)
Your browser is going to tell that the website is unsafe, go on.

###To update DoDoc with the latest vesrion
There are two options:

  1. If you have cloned the repository, pull the modifications with the terminal:
  • Go to your folder directory:
    Example: cd dodoc
  • Pull the modifications:
    git pull
  1. If you have downloaded the zip file and you want the updated version:
  • Click on the "Download zip" button to download the new version
  • Copy your old version directory.
  • Change the name of the old version directory (example: "Dodoc" > "DoDoc_01")
  • Paste all files and directories of the freshly-downloaded docdoc directory into your copy directory and replace all existed files

Contributing or forking dodoc

--> 1 hackpad with spec (in french):
--> 1 blog :

To debug dodoc, you can enable extra-logging with the flag --debug: node server.js --debug

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