A small script to take the hassle out of picking secret santa recipients.
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Given a list of names and email addresses, this Node.js module takes the hassle out of working out secret santa recipients. Run the module, and it'll email everyone with their gift recipient.

It also ensures that no-one receives themselves as a recipient, and that no recipient has more than one "secret santa". Plus, it's hidden from everyone else!


Firstly, install the dependencies:

npm install

Then, create a config.json file in the root of the project and populate it with your configuration options (details below). The module uses Nodemailer and supports all major email services (a list of well-known services can be found here).

In the example config.json file below, I'm using SendGrid's free plan (up to 200 emails per day).

  "transporter": {
    "service": "SendGrid",
    "auth": {
      "user": "username",
      "pass": "password"
  "email": {
    "from": "John Doe <john.doe@example.com>",
    "subject": "Secret Santa"
  "people": [
      "name": "John Smith",
      "email": "john.smith@example.com"
      "name": "Joe Bloggs",
      "email": "joe.bloggs@example.com"

Once you have your config.json file populated, simply run node index.js.