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erlang: add new releases for great good

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1 parent 88c8284 commit fef01e83d5aa5ec2e454fa8d4ce63938ca699ead Dave Cottlehuber committed Oct 10, 2013
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  1. +23 −13 bin/shell.cmd
36 bin/shell.cmd
@@ -52,24 +52,35 @@ goto %OTP_REL%
:: choice.exe exists on all windows platforms since MSDOS but not on XP
echo select:
-echo 3 for R15b03-1
echo 4 for R14b04
-::echo A for R16A
-echo B for R16B
-echo 1 for R16B01
+echo 3 for R15b03-1
+echo 1 for R16b01
+echo 2 for R16b02
+echo A for R17A
+echo B for R17B
+echo 7 for R17B01
set /p choice=or 0 to exit to the shell.
:: then get to unix goodness as fast as possible
if /i "%choice%"=="0" goto win_shell
::::if /i "%choice%"=="2" goto R......
if /i "%choice%"=="3" goto R15B03-1
if /i "%choice%"=="4" goto R14B04
-if /i "%choice%"=="A" goto R16A
-if /i "%choice%"=="B" goto R16B
+if /i "%choice%"=="A" goto R17A
+if /i "%choice%"=="B" goto R17B
+if /i "%choice%"=="2" goto R16B02
if /i "%choice%"=="1" goto R16B01
+if /i "%choice%"=="7" goto R17
:: else
goto eof
+set ERTS_VSN=5.8.5
+set OTP_REL=R14B04
+goto unix_shell
set OTP_REL=R15B03-1
@@ -82,16 +93,15 @@ set OTP_REL=R16B01
goto unix_shell
-set ERTS_VSN=5.8.5
-set OTP_REL=R14B04
+set ERTS_VSN=5.10.3
+set OTP_REL=R16B02
goto unix_shell
-set ERTS_VSN=5.10.1
-set OTP_REL=R16B
+set ERTS_VSN=5.10.4
+set OTP_REL=R16B03
goto unix_shell

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