Semester project participating in the "Programming Methodologies II" class for the BSc in Informatics Engineering (built: 2004)
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UML Study: Online Auctions Managing System

Built date: 2004

Documentation: PDF

Git Repo:

This is a semester project participating in the "Programming Methodologies II" class for the BSc(Hons) in Informatics Engineering at the Department of Information Technology, Thessaloniki, Greece.

A UML study for an web system that manages online auctions. The study contains:

  • A use case diagram that displays the system actors and the use cases that they interact with.
  • Analytical descriptions of 4 main use cases such as: "New user registration", "User login", "Creating new auction", "New offer/Instant buy".
  • Activity, sequence and collaboration diagrams for the aforementioned 4 use cases.
  • Class diagramS of the system.

Note: All the project documents are in Greek.

Technologies and tools used:

  • UML

Dimitrios Chantzis