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Leiningen 2 middleware that expands glob patterns in resource-paths in your project.clj file
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Leiningen 2 plugin with project middleware that uses clj-glob to expand glob patterns in :resource-paths before the classpath is generated.


Leiningen 1 expanded glob patterns assigned to :resource-path, which allowed us to add jars to a local directory e.g. lib/jars, set :resource-path to "lib/jars/*", and lein would add those jars to the classpath.

Leiningen 2 does not support this usage out of the box in order to support the principle that builds should be repeatable (see While I agree with the principle, the choice to explicitly not support glob expansion of :resource-paths meant that we could not upgrade to lein 2 as/is.

And so lein-expand-resource-paths was born.


The intent of this plugin is to support use of alternative package and/or dependency management systems alongside Leiningen. This also happens to support sticking random jars into random directories and getting them show up on your classpath. Don't do this. You've been warned.


Add lein-expand-resource-paths to :plugins in project.clj, e.g.

:plugins [[lein-expand-resource-paths "0.0.1"]]

Add the directory that your other dependency manager drops its jars into to :resource-paths, e.g.

:resource-paths ["lib/jars/*"]

How it works

lein-expand-resource-paths takes advantage of Leiningen 2 support for autoloading middleware packaged in plugins. Leiningen passes the project map to a function that returns the same map, leaving the plugin to implement side effects and/or modify the map before it used by any Leiningen tasks.


Copyright © 2013 David Chelimsky

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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