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=== MetricFu 1.0.2 / 2009-5-11
* Fixing problems with Reek new line character (thanks to all who pointed this out)
* Flog now recognizes namespaces in method names thanks to Daniel Guettler
* Saikuro now looks at multiple directories, again.
=== MetricFu 1.0.1 / 2009-5-3
* metrics:all task no longer requires a {} if you want to accept the defaults
* rcov task now reports total coverage percent
=== MetricFu 1.0.0 / 2009-4-30
* Merged in Grant McInnes' work on creating yaml output for all metrics to aid harvesting by other tools
* Supporting Flog 2.1.0
* Supporting Reek 1.0.0
* Removed dependency on Rails Env for 3.months.ago (for churn report), now using chronic gem ("3 months ago").
* Almost all code is out of Rakefiles now and so is more easily testable
* Metrics inherit from a refactored Generator now. New metrics generators just have to implement "emit", "analyze", "to_h" and inherit from Generator. They also must have a template. See the flay generator and template for a simple implementation.
* You now define the metrics you wish to run in the configuration and then run "metrics:all". No other metrics task is exposed by default.
=== MetricFu 0.9.0 / 2009-1-25
* Adding line numbers to the views so that people viewing it on cc.rb can figure out where the problems are
* Merging in changes from Jay Zeschin having to do with the railroad task -- I still have no idea how to use it (lemme know if you figure it out)
* Added totals to Flog results
* Moved rcov options to configuration
=== MetricFu 0.8.9 / 2009-1-20
* Thanks to Andre Arko and Petrik de Heus for adding the following features:
* The source control type is auto-detected for Churn
* Moved all presentation to templates
* Wrote specs for all classes
* Added flay, Reek and Roodi metrics
* There's now a configuration class (see README for details)
* Unification of metrics reports
* Metrics can be generated using one command
* Adding new metrics reports has been standardized
=== MetricFu 0.8.0 / 2008-10-06
* Source Control Churn now supports git (thanks to Erik St Martin)
* Flog Results are sorted by Highest Flog Score
* Fix for a bunch of 'already initialized constant' warnings that metric_fu caused
* Fixing bug so the flog reporter can handle methods with digits in the name (thanks to Andy Gregorowicz)
* Internal Rake task now allows metric_fu to flog/churn itself
=== MetricFu 0.7.6 / 2008-09-15
* Rcov now looks at test and specs
* Exclude gems and Library ruby code from rcov
* Fixed bug with churn start_date functionality (bad path)
=== MetricFu 0.7.5 / 2008-09-12
* Flog can now flog any set of directories you like (see README).
* Saikuro can now look at any set of directories you like (see README).
=== MetricFu 0.7.1 / 2008-09-12
* Fixed filename bugs pointed out by Bastien
=== MetricFu 0.7.0 / 2008-09-11
* Merged in Sean Soper's changes to metric_fu.
* Metric_fu is now a gem.
* Flogging now uses a MD5 hash to figure out if it should re-flog a file (if it's changed)
* Flogging also has a cool new output screen(s)
* Thanks Sean!
=== Metricks 0.4.2 / 2008-07-01
* Changed rcov output directory so that it is no longer 'coverage/unit' but just 'coverage' for better integration with CC.rb
=== Metricks 0.4.1 / 2008-06-13
* Rcov tests now extend beyond one level depth directory by using RcovTask instead of the shell
=== Metricks 0.4.0 / 2008-06-13
* Implementing functionality for use as a gem
* Added Rakefile to facilitate testing
=== Metricks 0.3.0 / 2008-06-11
* Generated reports now open on darwin automatically
* Generated reports reside under tmp/metricks unless otherwise specified by ENV['CC_BUILD_ARTIFACTS']
* MD5Tracker works with Flog reports for speed optimization
=== Metricks 0.2.0 / 2008-06-11
* Integrated use of base directory constant
* Have all reports automatically open in a browser if platform is darwin
* Namespaced under Metricks
* Dropped use of shell md5 command in favor of Ruby's Digest::MD5 libraries
=== Metricks 0.1.0 / 2008-06-10
* Initial integration of metric_fu and my enhancements to flog
* Metrics are generated but are all over the place
=== MetricFu 0.6.0 / 2008-05-11
* Add source control churn report
=== MetricFu 0.5.1 / 2008-04-25
* Fixed bug with Saikuro report generation
=== MetricFu 0.5.0 / 2008-04-25
* create MetricFu as a Rails Plugin
* Add Flog Report
* Add Coverage Report
* Add Saikuro Report
* Add Stats Report