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Welcome to RSpec’s new home at github.

The rspec-dev repository includes all the other rspec repos as submodules, and provides peripherals like docs and rake tasks necessary for rspec developers/contributors.

See Contributing Patches for information about cloning the repositories and contributing patches

Getting started – cloning the repositories

rspec-dev is the parent project that contains rspec-core, rspec-rails, and rspec-tmbundle. In order to have the full source tree, you’ll need to fetch the component repositories:

git-clone git://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec-dev.git
cd rspec-dev
rake git:update

Fetching upstream changes

We’ve written some rake tasks that will help fetch upstream changes into all of your repositories. By default, the update rake task will pull changes from origin (the remote repository that you originally cloned), and rebase your changes on top of them.

rake git:update

If you would like to fetch from a remote repository other than your origin (see the next section), you can specify it with the REMOTE variable:

rake git:update REMOTE=dc

Adding remote references

You may want to track more repositories than just the origin. For example, if you forked RSpec on GitHub, then your repository would point to your GitHub repo. You would probably want to pull from David’s repo as well. You can easily add a remote reference to all of your repositories with:

rake git:add_remotes REPO_PREFIX='git://github.com/dchelimsky' NAME='dc'

This will create a remote reference named ‘dc’ in each of your repositories, pointed at David’s respective repository.

This requires that the target have repositories at rspec.git, rspec-rails.git, rspec-tmbundle.git, and rspec-dev.git, all underneath the specified prefix