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render_template giving false positive #15

freegenie opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Fabrizio Regini David Chelimsky
Fabrizio Regini

Hi, I'm noticing this problem today. I have a controller that conditionally renders two templates, :ask_email and :ask_email_and_interest.

Testing the rendering of :ask_email I get a passing test even if it's rendering :ask_email_and_password template.

response.should render_template('ask_email') # true
response.should render_template('ask_email_and_interest') # true
response.should render_template('a') # true

Using version 2.7.0.

David Chelimsky

I can't reproduce this against rails 3.1.3. Also, this is the tracker for rspec-rails-1.x. Would you please report this to and include the rails version you're using and also the conditional code you're using to make the decision about which template to render.


David Chelimsky dchelimsky closed this
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