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ActionDispatch::ClosedError: Cannot modify cookies because it was closed. This means it was already streamed back to the client or converted to HTTP headers. #3

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Dreamr David Chelimsky
dreamr commented

I logged it at rails 3.1 as well: rails/rails#1452

So I think this has to do with the before vs streaming starting and cookies and sessions being closed now. Anywhere I call to create a model in a request spec in a before block this error shows up. It was showing up for me with flash messages to until there was a patch in edge rails to fix it: rails/rails#290

This does not address the issue with cookies though. I am not sure if it is rspec or rails' issue so i'll let you guys work that out. I will tackle it this weekend to see which myself.

dreamr commented

this is edge rspec2 rails + edge rails 3.1

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David Chelimsky

This is the tracker for rspec-rails-1 - please repost to


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