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routing specs with advanced constraints #5

skiz opened this Issue June 08, 2011 · 2 comments

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Josh Martin David Chelimsky
Josh Martin
skiz commented June 08, 2011

When trying to generate some routing specs that incorporate a custom model based matcher, I was unable to get the specs to pass without also having the constraint return a hash which matches one of the request parameters. describes a way to handle custom constraints, which I have also tried. Even though all of these work properly in rails, I was only able to get the specs to pass by doing something like the following (notice the hash with a key that exists in the request);


 def organization_exists?(req)
    {:organization_id => Organization.where(:slug => req[:organization_id]).exists?}

 scope '/:organization_id', :constraints => lambda{|req| organization_exists?(req) } do
     match '/',             :to => 'organizations#show',             :as => 'organization',             :via => :get


describe "Routing" do
  before do
    @org = Factory.create(:organization)

  it "routes GET /:organization_id to organizations#show" do
    {:get => "/#{@org.slug}"}.should route_to(:controller => 'organizations', :action => 'show', :organization_id => @org.slug)
David Chelimsky

This tracker is for rspec-rails-1.x. For rspec-rails-2 (rails-3), please use

This particular issue has been reported a few times already in that tracker, but it is really a rails issue, and has also been raised in the rails tracker (more than once): - please either comment on the appropriate issue there or raise a new one. Thx.

David Chelimsky dchelimsky closed this June 08, 2011
Josh Martin
skiz commented June 08, 2011

Oh awesome then. I'll proceed to investigate both ends then.

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