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be_routable fails when there are line breaks #8

sdhull opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I have run into this issue where paths that are genuinely routable fail the should be_routable assertion, apparently because of this line in rout_to.rb:

e.to_s =~ /<(.*)> did not match <\{\}>/ and @actual_place = $1 or raise

Where e.to_s is something like:

The recognized options <{"action"=>"foo",\n "controller"=>"bar",\n "arbitrary_param"=>"baz"}> did not match...

I have a test to drive this out and a fix in my fork. What I can't figure out is how to run the specs. Do I really have to do all this rspec-dev stuff to simply run the rspec-rails specs?


This is the tracker for rspec-rails-1. Please submit this to the tracker for rspec-rails-2 so it shows up as submitted by you and you can track responses. I'll give you a way to run the specs that doesn't involve the whole suite there.

@dchelimsky dchelimsky closed this

That's fine -- I will do that. But I actually want to fix it here for rspec-rails-1, as that is the version of rspec my client is using and I'd like my specs for them to run properly.


Got it. Well for rspec-1 you definitely have to do the whole rspec-dev thing, but if you want to just make a pull request I'll try to run it here. If everything passes we're good. If not I'll help you get set up.

@dchelimsky dchelimsky reopened this

Thank you! That's very nice of you. I did actually spend about 10 minutes trying to get rspec-dev setup, but it seems that maybe the instructions are a bit outdated (since they don't mention anything about Bundler, but there is a Gemfile in the repo). At any rate, I couldn't get the specs running properly, and for this small a change, I guess I won't feel too dirty sending you a pull request with a testcase and code that I haven't run (but am pretty sure will work).


Just sent you a pull request. I'm pretty sure it's a valid spec and fix, but please let me know.

I wish it were clear how I could have linked that pull request to this issue, but maybe it's not possible?

If you agree that this is a good spec and fix I will do the same for rspec-rails-2 (especially if you tell me how to run the tests without setting up the whole rspec-dev thing). :)


Since #9 has been merged, should this be closed? @dchelimsky


I guess so :)

@dchelimsky dchelimsky closed this
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