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Bug with expectation's on Class methods caught by method missing [Critical] #17

aselder opened this Issue Mar 3, 2011 · 5 comments


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aselder commented Mar 3, 2011

In the proxy.rb file, Rspec 1.3.1 added a stanza to the it/else stack

    elsif @target.is_a?(Class)
      @target.superclass.send(sym, *args, &block)

This just seems wrong to me and I'm pretty sure it's causing catastrophic errors in my build.

Consider the following example:

require 'spec_helper'

class Foo

    def self.singleton
      @singleton ||= new

    # Redirect all missing class methods to the singleton instance for backwards compatible API
    def self.method_missing(name,*args,&block)

    def bar

describe Foo do

  it "should mock correctly" do
    Foo.bar.should == 123

  it "should call successfully after a mock" do
    Foo.bar.should == "abc"


The first example creates a message_expectation for the Foo class object, which defines the :bar method on Foo, since as written Foo.respond_to?(:bar) returns false. This method send the name of the method to the __mock_proxy which delegates it to message received.

As we move to the second example, the method defined by define_expected_method remains, which sends the message to the mock_proxy's message_received methods. Since there are no expectations defined, we drop to the suspect code. Since the @target of the proxy is Foo, and Foo is a Class, the message tries to get sent to Foo's superclass, namely Object, which doesn't define #bar and blows up.

- should mock correctly
- should call successfully after a mock (FAILED - 1)

NoMethodError in 'Foo should call successfully after a mock'
undefined method `bar' for Object:Class
spec/models/test_spec.rb:27:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'

aselder commented Mar 3, 2011

I know the example above is slightly contrived, but given the amount of meta-programming in Ruby, this pattern is probably quite common.

Any expectation set on a class method not explicitly defined will cause any future calls to the method to blow up.

aselder commented Mar 3, 2011

A solution that seems to work for me is to change line 114 of proxy.rb to:

elsif @target.is_a?(Class) && @target.superclass.respond_to?(sym, true)

dchelimsky commented Mar 4, 2011

Do you want to submit a proper patch?

aselder commented Mar 4, 2011


Will do. I'll get to it tonight.



dchelimsky commented Mar 4, 2011

Closed by c723627

mrkn pushed a commit to mrkn/rspec that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2011

Only try to pass messages to the superclass if the superclass respond…
…s to the method

Fixes LH Bug #1049 and GH Bug #15 and #17

This issue was closed.

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