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Rails 3.1.1 mountable engines not easily testable with Rspec. #41

johncburr opened this Issue Oct 19, 2011 · 4 comments

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When I create a normal app with:
rails new foo -T
I can then turn around and install rspec and everything works fine.
I have not found an efficient way to achieve the same results if I start with:
rails plugin new bar --mountable -T

I recognize that this is only partly yours and and the other part is rails, but right now it's a train wreck and I'm hoping the two applications can soon shake hands on this one. Until then, what's the best work-around?


Sorry, but right now I don't know of any workaround right now. I haven't done any work with engines myself. Anybody else?

lenny commented Oct 19, 2011

Not sure if I understand the scenario completely but one option that I've used with Rails 3 at least is to develop the engine as a separate gem that is tested independently. To work on the gem and a client app in tandem. I temporarily edit my Gemfile to use the :path option.


gem 'myengine', :path => ../myengine


Sorry, I gave the wrong impression because I used the wrong command line. The issue is trying to test the new "mountable" engines that are generated with:

rails plugin new foo --mountable

which forces unit testing. I want to use rspec, but:

rails plugin new bar --mountable -T

is no help and neither one lets you easily install rspec.

@johncburr johncburr closed this Nov 21, 2011
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