Why does Spec::Rake::SpecTask delete coverage directory when using rcov? #57

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I'm trying to set up rake to combine coverage reports with cucumber and the automatic deleting of the coverage directory is complicating things. It would be nice if this was a configuration option.


dchelimsky commented Apr 3, 2012

The only references to rdoc in the rspec-1 codebase are in comments, so I don't think the problem is in Spec::Rake::SpecTask. Can you point me to the code that you think is doing this?

So sorry, I meant to write rcov. That's what I get for filing a bug without coffee :( I'll edit the original report. The code is in https://github.com/dchelimsky/rspec/blob/master/lib/spec/rake/spectask.rb

def define # :nodoc:


    if rcov
      desc "Remove rcov products for #{actual_name}"
      task paste("clobber_", actual_name) do
        rm_r rcov_dir rescue nil

      clobber_task = paste("clobber_", actual_name)
      task :clobber => [clobber_task]

      task actual_name => clobber_task

dchelimsky commented Apr 3, 2012

Got it. FWIW there was no cucumber when that was written (to answer the question in the subject). Also, with rspec-2 out for well over a year now I've only been doing releases for very serious bugs (I barely have time to keep up with rspec-2 maintenance). If you want to submit a pull request I'll be glad to merge it if it's sound, but I probably won't release it until such a serious bug requires a release (which may never happen at this point).

Fair enough. The app using this is stuck on Rails 2 for the foreseeable future, from what I understand it's not possible to run Rspec 2 on Rails 2. I'll create a pull request just in case there's ever another release.


dchelimsky commented Apr 3, 2012

Much appreciated. I've got a few rails 2 apps as well, so can empathize. Cheers.

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