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error in DocumentationFormatter#failure_output when raise exception in before block #58

masarakki opened this Issue · 4 comments

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some exception raised in before block,
example#description be changed to nil,
so failure_output raise "undefined method `strip' for nil:NilClass"


please toggle the line #4 to comment, and try again.


What version of rspec?


rspec (2.9.0)
rspec-core (2.9.0)
rspec-expectations (2.9.1)
rspec-mocks (2.9.0)
rspec-rails (2.9.0)

and ruby-1.9.3-p125

now, i create clean environment by rvm and try again, same problem occurred.
%rvm use --create 1.9.3@rspec_test
%gem install rspec
%rspec foo_spec.rb --cfs


Is this fixed? this commit looks like it might do it.

If not, I was going to relay what I found just now when I hit this issue:

  • The formatter dies when it asks the example for its description (This happens in several places, here is one)
  • The example gets its description from its metadata. (code -- note this has since changed)
  • The metadata check their superclass hash for the :description key and return that if it exists. (code)
  • In these cases, the description has been set to nil (code -- note this code has since changed)

That's as far as I went since I was able to get it to not die by ensuring that description assignment had a string, and I don't really know what it ought to be (based on the values of the other descriptions I saw while troubleshooting, it seems that it was wanting to render code into text for the descriptions like "should == ["a", 1]").


it works well, good! thanks.

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