include_examples does not work when block passed #62

jurglic opened this Issue May 5, 2012 · 2 comments

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# I have defined the following shared examples group
shared_examples_for 'test' do
 #... examples ...

describe SomeClass do
  describe '#method' do
    # then I try to put it in use here
    include_examples 'test' do
       let(:something) { :else }

In the case above the #include_examples call seems to be skipped completely.

It works if I call #include_examples without the block. It work if I use #it_behaves_like instead of #include_examples.

This happens with latest rspec 2.10.


That's by design, but you should be getting a warning saying "Customization blocks not supported ...". Do you think that should be an Exception instead?


Also - just realized this is the rspec-1 tracker so I moved it to rspec/rspec-core#615.

@dchelimsky dchelimsky closed this May 6, 2012
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