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Version (2008-07-02)
Updated TinyMCE
Replaced old documentation with readme file containing link to online documentation
Version (2005-03-22)
Fixed bug where emtpy paragraphs sometimes got removed in MSIE.
Fixed bug where autosave plugin was running even in fullscreen mode.
Fixed bug where browse and color image button urls in form_utils.js where hardcoded.
Version 2.0.5 (2005-03-21)
Added API docs for the TinyMCE_Popup class that is used by all dialogs in TinyMCE.
Added new TinyMCE_Layer class to the core of TinyMCE plugins will be using this later on.
Added new loadPlugin function, use this to load external plugins.
Added instructions on how to contribute language packs.
Added new support for multiple content_css files, based on contribution by Man-Chicken.
Added new table_cell_limit, table_row_limit, table_col_limit options, based on contribution by Man-Chicken.
Added new fix_list_elements option, if this is set to true UL/OL lists will be forced XHTML valid on cleanup.
Added new fix_table_elements, if this is set to true tables will be moved outside paragraphs.
Fixed so input and button as closed elements in the cleanup logic.
Fixed so the mceButtonSelected is more visible with darker background in the editor_ui.css.
Fixed issue where charmap.js was calling switchClass that's reserved for buttons.
Fixed issue where the directionality option wasn't used in the preview plugin.
Fixed issues with nestled bullet lists pasted from Word 2003.
Fixed bug where button wasn't selected correctly in MSIE due to a CSS issue.
Fixed bug where ask mode wasn't working on DIV elements in Firefox and Opera.
Fixed bug where the mceAddFrameControl command wasn't working correctly.
Fixed bug where language packs wasn't imported correctly in plugins loaded externaly.
Fixed bug where focusing external input elements was visible in element path under MSIE.
Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin wasn't opening the window fullscreen in Firefox.
Fixed bug where style select dropdown wasn't working in Firefox when used in fullscreen mode.
Fixed bug where the fix_content_duplication wasn't working anymore.
Fixed bug where MSIE sometimes generated empty paragraphs.
Fixed bug where MSIE sometimes generated tags like <//tag>.
Fixed bug where the directionality option produced a error for the color picker dialog.
Fixed bug where configured callback options wasn't executed correctly in fullscreen mode.
Fixed bug where tags got generated as <*> some times in Gecko.
Fixed bug where the cursor was placed within a the anchor when inserting a new one in Gecko.
Fixed bug where convert_fonts_to_span option wasn't working correctly with new cleanup engine.
Fixed various language pack issues such as invalid characters.
Fixed naming conflict with zoom plugin and the format select box.
Fixed so that the initialization of the editor is slightly faster.
Removed all language packs except the english one from the core package. [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY]
Version 2.0.4 (2006-02-24)
Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin was using the tinymce_dev.js script.
Fixed bug where events where having a return true; statement infront of them.
Fixed bug where theme_advanced_toolbar_location option wasn't working.
Fixed bug where select lists wasn't working if you touched them with the tab key.
Fixed bug where auto reset design mode wasn't working correctly.
Fixed bug where null was inserted in paste button action in MSIE.
Fixed bug where _template plugin had a , instead of . character on e.type.
Fixed bug where src, href where replaced to xsrc and xhref in comments.
Fixed bug where paste_cleanup_on_paste option wasn't working correctly with the paste plugin.
Fixed bug where MSIE was reporting an error when TinyMCE was placed in a frame and not focused.
Fixed bug where clipboard_msg wasn't entity decoded corectly before displaying it in confirm box.
Fixed bug where mceRemoveControl wasn't working correctly on DIV elements.
Fixed bug where mceInsertContent/mceReplaceContent produced error when a empty string was inserted.
Fixed so the default valid_elements option is more XHTML valid.
Fixed issue where style formatting wasn't handled when pasting content from Word.
Fixed issue where ' characters wasn't entity encoded, they are now encoded into &#39; and not &apos;.
Fixed issue with empty paragraphs, these are now filled with &nsbp; if they are empty.
Added documentation on how the # prefix can be used in the valid_elements option.
Added new options paste_remove_styles and paste_remove_spans to paste plugin.
Added possibility to have empty default attributes values.
Version 2.0.3 (2006-02-13)
Added missing buttons to button reference page in documentation.
Added dt,dl,dd elements to default_valid elements config value.
Added new support for self registrering plugins.
Added new callback for themes and plugins handleEvent and the handle_event_callback option.
Added new execcommand_callback option, this enables you to add custom execcommand logic on page level.
Added new custom_shortcuts option, this enables you to disable plugin/theme specific keyboard shortcuts.
Added new addShortcut to TinyMCE_Control, this enables plugin to register custom keyboard shortcuts.
Added new getButtonHTML function to TinyMCE core, this function makes it easier for plugins/themes to make buttons.
Added more documentation on how to write plugins and updated the _template plugin.
Added more documentation on how to write custom themes.
Fixed so the default window size of the source editor is larger in the advanced theme.
Fixed so all internal plugins use the new auto registration and separation logic.
Fixed so all internal themes use the new auto registration and separation logic.
Fixed so the Safari warning is switched off by default.
Fixed so cursor position isn't moved when performing a cleanup.
Fixed so cursor position is correct when performing undo/redo actions.
Fixed so all themes/plugins now use a:hover to produce the mouse over button effect.
Fixed so it uses the DOMContentLoaded and onreadystatechange instead of onload.
Fixed so the simple theme also supports the button_tile_map option.
Fixed so the selection/cursor is moved to the beginning of area on search/replace.
Fixed callback handling to reduce logic, improve performance and flexibility.
Fixed documentarion error for the paste plugin, contributed by Jochen Metzger.
Fixed bug that made the cleanup process to hang MSIE on specific content.
Fixed bug with absolute to relative URL convertion logic if the absolute URL didn't have a path.
Fixed bug where about.htm in advanced theme refered to a non existing css file.
Fixed bug with defParam and the event_elements option.
Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin wasn't correctly setup with editor contents.
Fixed bug where paste/drop converted relative URLs incorrectly in MSIE.
Fixed bug with inlinepopups not restoring selection on close window in MSIE.
Fixed bug where selection was lost when a new column/row was inserted in a table running in Gecko.
Fixed bug where save plugin wasn't working in fullscreen mode.
Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin wasn't working in Opera.
Fixed bug where editor resizing in advanced theme wasn't working in Opera.
Fixed bug where cursor position was placed at the end of instance on word paste.
Fixed bug where a tinyMCE is undefined error was reported in Firefox.
Fixed compatiblity issues with new cleanup plugin and the prototype.js library.
Renamed the mceItemEditable/mceItemNonEditable to mceEditable/mceNonEditable.
Renamed the TinyMCEControl class to TinyMCE_Control, TinyMCE_ is the valid class prefix.
Removed the getInsertLinkTemplate and getInsertImageTemplate functions from themes and from API.
Removed insertImage and insertLink from TinyMCE core, they are moved to the advanced theme.
Removed opacity workaround made for Opera Preview 1, download Opera Preview 2 instead.
Removed search backward function from replace dialog since it could result in a infinite loop.
Marked insertlink_callback, insertimage_callback options as deprecated these can be replaced with execcommand_callback.
Moved selection specific methods to a new class. For example inst.selectNode is now inst.selection.selectNode.
Updated German language pack, contributed by Ace Man.
Version 2.0.2 (2006-01-24)
Added updated Danish language pack contributed by Jan Moelgaard, John Dalsgaard and Bo Frederiksen.
Added updated Czech language pack contributed by michi aka mishal.
Added new Slovenian language pack contributed by Domen Kosir.
Added new Turkish language pack contributed by Engin Dumlu.
Added new save_onsavecallback option to the save plugin, this function is called on save.
Added new save_enablewhendirty option to the save plugin, this will disable the button until changes are made.
Added new onpageload callback event, this event is called when the page is loaded but before instances are made.
Added new accessibility_focus option, this enables you to control if buttons should be tab focusable or not.
Added new greek alpha character to charmap dialog.
Added new Scaron,scaron,Alpha entities to the default value of the entities option thanks to Kevin Rodgers.
Added new contextmenu items link.unlink,advhr contributed by Speednet.
Added new paste_insert_word_content_callback option for the paste plugin.
Added new cleanup plugin, this will replace the one inside the core ones it's considered stable.
Added cancel button to color picker contributed by Speednet.
Fixed various documentation errors and typos, modified the FAQ.
Fixed issue where the first handleNodeChange call was done to early in initialization.
Fixed issue with Dutch language pack for advlink plugin.
Fixed issue where dialogs was to short when dialog_type option was set to modal in MSIE.
Fixed bug where insert image under Gecko resulted in a broken image if it was inserted a the beginning of a element.
Fixed bug where mceVisualAid class wasn't removed from TH elements on save.
Fixed bug where the href attribute area elements gets converted to xhref.
Fixed bug with document relative anchors being forced absolute even when the convert_urls was set to false.
Fixed bug where some plugins produced &gr; intead of &gt; entities on string encoding.
Fixed bug where some characters in charmap dialog was double encoded in Firefox/Gecko.
Fixed bug with XML core entities wasn't encoded when using raw or numeric value in entity_encoding option.
Fixed bug where classes was removed from table,td,th elements when the verify_css_classes option was enabled.
Fixed bug where elements was getting a visual aid class if a default or force class attribute value rule was used.
Fixed bug where strong/em rules didn't handle the -/+ prefixes correctly under Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where non textarea elements didn't work when submiting content.
Fixed bug where a access denied error was produced when using contextmenu together with modal dialogs under MSIE.
Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin didn't call custom cleanup functions when passing content back and forth.
Fixed issue where default rule for font tags didn't have a + prefix in valid_elements.
Fixed issue with CSS where "arrow" was used instead of "default" for cursor replacement.
Fixed issue where the replace button replaced the current selection first time it was used.
Fixed issue with missing title for the advhr dialog.
Fixed issue with div not beeing usable in the theme_advanced_blockformats option.
Fixed issue in with translation in the German language pack.
Fixed so the word wrap toggle for source view functions in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed so title attribute of emotion images gets inserted aswell as alt.
Fixed so the insert return on popups is checked by default in advlink.
Fixed so url gets filled when empty if a user selects a popup url.
Fixed so some init settings gets trimmed from whitespace.
Fixed so charmap closes when a char is selected since most of the time users only need one char.
Fixed so the link and image dialogs of advanced theme are styled with the new 2.x layout.
Fixed accessibility issuew with the link, image and advhr dialogs.
Fixed so the advhr dialog uses the new 2.x layout.
Fixed XHTML compliance for Preview plugin contributed by Bo Frederiksen.
Fixed entity decoding problem with insert button of the advhr plugin contributed by Bo Frederiksen.
Version 2.0.1 (2005-12-02)
Fixed critical bug in some MSIE versions when submiting content.
Version 2.0 (2005-12-01)
Added new paste_replace_list option to the paste plugin, this replaces some MS specific characters into normal characters.
Added new convert_urls option, this was required to address some issues with Firefox 1.5.
Added new paste_create_linebreaks option to paste plugin contributed by Kevin Rodgers.
Added new advimage_update_dimensions_onchange option to advimage plugin, this is enabled by default.
Added new table_inline_editing option, this enables you to toggle the inline table editing controls in FF 1.5.
Added new object_resizing option, this enables you to toggle the resizing controls of table and images in FF 1.5.
Added updated simplified Chinese language pack contributed by Wang Yang (tom_cat).
Added updated Dutch language pack contributed by Mark van der Sanden.
Added updated French language pack contributed by Normand Lamoureux.
Added updated Polish language pack contributed by Wooya.
Added updated Brazilian Portuguese language pack contributed by Marcio Barbosa.
Added new Traditional Chinese language pack contributed by Twapweb.
Added new Slovak language pack contributed by Vladimir VASIL.
Added new Norwegian Nynorsk pack contributed by Knut B. Jacobsen.
Fixed bug where getting init settings in handleNodeChange callback wasn't working correctly when multiple configs where used.
Fixed bug with urls being converted into incorrect values in Firefox 1.5.
Fixed bug where editor and cursor was flickering when TinyMCE was placed in a hidden div in Firefox 1.5.
Fixed bug with missing parenthesis in a MSIE setInnerHTML call.
Fixed bug where MSIE was producing a "Invalid source HTML for this operation" javascript error when placed in P tags.
Fixed bug where some styles with RGB values was parsed/serialized incorrectly in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where reset form action didn't reset all editor instances to their original values.
Fixed bug where a javascript exception whas thrown when the editor was resized to a negative value in MSIE.
Fixed bug where inserting custom characters or date/time within a font element removed formatting in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where image urls was inserted incorrectly if relative_urls was set to false due to issues with inserthtml command.
Fixed bug where encoding option wasn't working correctly becurse the entities list wasn't initialized.
Fixed bug where MSIE removed the first comment from the HTML of a mceInsertContent call.
Fixed bug where update all cells in table/row wasn't working on some tables with lots of whitespace.
Fixed bug with td background attribute when inline_styles option was set to true in MSIE.
Fixed bug where forms submitted with accesskey or return produced a JS error in Firefox 1.5.
Fixed bug with URL convertion logic not converting paths correctly to relative/absolute URLs.
Fixed bug where inline_styles option and flash moviews produced strange results.
Fixed bug where tabs and links where opened in a new window in MSIE when dialog_type option was set to modal.
Fixed bug where dialogs didn't open in Opera if the dialog_type option was set to modal.
Fixed bug where the table plugin wasn't working with the inlinepopups plugin while running in MSIE.
Fixed bug where embed elements whasn't parsed correctly by the flash plugin if no object tag was surrounding it.
Fixed bug where contents wasn't stored/restored when using the browser back button in Firefox 1.5.
Fixed issue where the ghost resize handles in Firefox/Mozilla was appearing when resizing images/tables.
Fixed issue with constrain proportions feature in advimage plugin, when trying to reset the values to blank.
Fixed issue where inlinepopups option couldn't be enabled/disabled on individual instances.
Fixed issue where TDs was created instead of TH elements when inserting a column on a row with TH elements.
Fixed issue with editor_selector/editor_deselector options couldn't be used when mode was specific_textareas.
Fixed issue where font selection produced null face attributes in MSIE.
Fixed issue where document local anchors where prefixed with the document name.
Fixed issue where link/image dialogs of the advanced theme didn't open using inlinepopups when enabled.
Fixed so the CSS select list gets hidden in the link dialog in advanced theme if there isn't any CSS classes.
Fixed so that the onsubmit handler of a form was processed correctly when posting using the save plugin.
Fixed so TinyMCE makes some very simple cleanups even if cleanup option is set to false.
Fixed so alignment button gifs have the justify prefix, such as justifyleft, for compatiblity with Drupal.
Fixed compatiblity issues with the .NET version of TinyMCE Compressor.
Fixed performance issue with fullscreen plugin, it switches back to normal view a lot faster now.
Fixed issues with mceSelectList class in advanced theme and compressed it some.
Renamed the Norwegian language pack from no to nb since it's "Norwegian Bokmål".
Version 2.0RC4 (2005-10-30)
Fixed bug with font face/size/color wasn't working correctly in Firefox 1.5b1.
Fixed bug where all actions where dispatching the onbeforeunload event.
Fixed bug where buttons in fullscreen mode wasn't working in MSIE.
Fixed bug where style removal with drop list wasn't working correctly.
Fixed bug where element path list or return key some times didn't scroll to the right location.
Fixed bug where return key in Firefox/Mozilla some times produced a error.
Fixed bug where MSIE was presenting a alert box about insecure items when running TinyMCE over HTTPS.
Fixed bug where TR/TD elements width/height attributes produced a JS error on cleanup.
Fixed bug where Polish Ctrl+Alt+Z executed the undo function instead of inserting national character.
Fixed bug where editor couldn't be initialized if no rows or height where specified on a textarea.
Fixed bug where comments sometimes got removed from HTML code.
Fixed bug with advimage not inserting onmouseover attribute correctly.
Fixed bug where anchors with child nodes messed up list elements.
Fixed bug where apply_source_formatting option wasn't working when used together with remove_linebreaks.
Fixed bug where empty paragraphs where invisible in Firefox. These are now padded with a &nbsp;.
Fixed bug where tables without a border attribute didn't get visual aid borders until cleanup.
Fixed bug with URL convertion, absolute URLs to the same domain without trailing slash produced incorrect results.
Fixed bug with URL convertion of urls like this somedir/?id=3 produced somedir?id=3.
Fixed bug with weird cursor movement when pressing return/enter in a list when running on Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where contents where deleted sometimes when user pressed return/enter running on Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where style elements what generated empty in MSIE, but using style tags is not recommended.
Fixed bug with not beeing able to have absolute urls in the external_link_list_url and simmilar.
Fixed bug with bold, italic, underline, strikethrough buttons not beeing selected correctly.
Fixed bug with font size and font face select list not beeing selected correctly.
Fixed bug where document anchors was incorrectly converted if document_base_url was defined.
Fixed bug where changing border width/color of a table didn't update CSS styles correcty.
Fixed bug where emotions plugin didn't insert a new smiley the second time you insert one.
Fixed bug with blockquote command produced javascript error when used on lists in MSIE.
Fixed bug with cleanup converting flash elements to images.
Fixed bug where class wasn't selected in drop list of advlink/advimage dialogs when editing links/images.
Fixed bug where cellpadding/cellspacing/scope wasn't correctly handled in MSIE 5.5SP2.
Fixed bug where hreflang,charset and type attributes wasn't returned correctly in MSIE 5.5SP2.
Fixed bug with broken image URLs when user clicked the cleanup button in Firefox 1.5b2.
Fixed some compatiblity issues with call to createStyleSheet and setup.
Fixed more compatiblity issues with scripts extending core JS logic such as the Array class.
Fixed issue where paragraphs wasn't generated if user pressed returned inside a H1-H6 running on Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed issue with context menu plugin messing up some onclick events.
Fixed issue with missing </tbody> HTML in advanced theme.
Fixed issue with Finnish language pack, it wasn't working at all.
Fixed issue where button control styles needed to be overriden in default editor_ui.css.
Fixed issue with a broken link in the documentation to the theme_advanced_resize_horizontal option.
Fixed issue with missing var declaration of a buttons variable in the advanced theme.
Fixed issue with missing block elements in block element regexp.
Fixed issue where advhr plugin didn't produce valid attribute for noshade.
Fixed issue with misslabeled option, plaintext_create_paragraphs is renamed to paste_create_paragraphs.
Fixed issue where remove_script_host and relative_urls where treated as true if they where specified as strings.
Fixed issue with charmap, made it easier to select/click characters.
Fixed issue with search/replace dialogs not being refocused in MSIE.
Fixed issues with dialogs being to small if large class names where added. Made sure they can grow.
Fixed issues with some dialogs being to small in NS 7.2 and not working correctly in NS 7.1.
Fixed missing HEAD element in fullscreen.htm file, contributed by monkeybrain.
Fixed some HTML issues with the advhr plugin, contributed by monkeybrain.
Fixed some small issues with the span element rule of the XHTML rule set in valid_elements documentation.
Added new Opera 9 support, most of the functions is working in the prerelease of Opera 9.
Added new paste_strip_class_attributes option to paste plugin, contributed by monkeybrain.
Added new merge_styles_invalid_parents option, allows users to control what elements gets styles.
Added new theme_advanced_resizing_use_cookie option, this enables you to disable the cookie used by resize.
Added new function that converts all font elements to span elements when the editor loads.
Added new force_hex_style_colors option, enables you to control the color format of CSS styles.
Added new convert_fonts_to_spans option, this option converts fonts to span elements.
Added new font_size_classes option, this option is used together with convert_fonts_to_spans.
Added new doctype option, enables you to control the internal doctype declaration.
Added new event_elements option contributed by happy_noodle_boy.
Added new path tooltips for font, span and flash elements such as color, font-family, src and so forth.
Added trim_span_elements back again, this option removes unneeded span elements.
Added documentation of the apply_source_formatting option.
Added updated Danish language pack, contributed by Jan Moelgaard.
Added updated Hebrew language pack, contributed by Liron Newman.
Added updated Russian language pack, contributed by Vladimir Vitkovsky.
Added updated Finnish language pack, contributed by Tuomo Aura.
Added updated Spanish language pack, contributed by Adolfo Sanz De Diego.
Added updated Italian language pack, contributed by grueff.
Added updated Icelandic language pack, contributed by Johannes Birgir Jensson.
Removed option convert_fonts_to_styles due to various compatiblity issues. Use convert_fonts_to_spans instead.
Version 2.0RC3 (2005-09-26)
Fixed bug where colorpicker in table plugin wasn't working in Mozilla/Firefox.
Fixed bug where closed anchors produced strange results. Anchors are now forced open.
Fixed bug where the font style/color functions wasn't producing correct results.
Fixed bug where buttons not working if a target was defined in head element.
Fixed bug where paragraphs wasn't generated when pressing return/enter in a floating div.
Fixed bug where anchor contents was getting lost, contents of anchors are now placed behind them.
Fixed bug where style info such font size/face/color was removing parent elements such as LI.
Fixed bug where %I wasn't inserting correct hour in the insertdatetime plugin.
Fixed bug where MSIE sometimes doesn't output attributes correctly, contributed by Luke Bennett.
Fixed bug where images was lost if the user pressed return after a image in a TD on FF.
Fixed bug where empty non block elements where produced when hitting return in Gecko browsers.
Fixed bug where it was impossible to update tables.
Fixed various bugs and issues with removeformatting function it will now remove classes and styles.
Fixed compatiblity issues with prototype.js and other scripts that modifies the Object.prototype.
Fixed issue where a unnecessary dir and style attribute was generated on the blockquote command in MSIE.
Fixed issue with access denied error if page contained iframes with external URLs.
Fixed issue where the plugin links in about dialog was linking to blank.
Fixed issue with useCSS command not working in Deer park beta.
Fixed XHTML table compatiblity issues. Placed bordercolor and height in styles instead of attributes.
Fixed issue with tables getting empty summary attribute in MSIE.
Fixes so the insert custom character dialog is accessible through keyboard.
Removed _self as the default target for links inorder to produce more XHTML compliant code.
Removed bordercolor field from table row properties dialog since this is not a valid attribute.
Added accessibility warnings to image and table plugin. These can be disabled by the accessibility_warnings option.
Added updated Danish language pack, contributed by Jan Moelgaard.
Added updated Hebrew language pack, contributed by Liron Newman.
Added updated Norwegian language pack, contributed by Knut B. Jacobsen.
Added updated German language pack, contributed by salzbermat.
Version 2.0RC2 (2005-09-12)
Fixed bug with plugin tab in about dialog not working in MSIE 5.01.
Fixed bug issues with paste and noneditable plugin in MSIE 5.01.
Fixed bug where dialogs in the search/replace plugin was to small.
Fixed bug where about dialog sometimes produced unknown runtime error in MSIE.
Fixed bug where é and í characters was converted the wrong entities.
Fixed bug where it was possible to click on the disabled link icon when nothing was selected.
Fixed bug where autosave plugin wasn't working with JS submit calls or the save plugin.
Fixed bug where file/image browser wasn't working with the default link/image dialogs.
Fixed bug where style attributes where parsed/serialized incorrectly when using - and #.
Fixed bug where inline popups plugin wasn't working when loading the compressed JS files.
Fixed bug with contextmenu showing theme image dialog instead of advimage dialog.
Fixed bug with flash plugin trying to include a empty external list JS file.
Fixed bug with some fields beeing to short if the file browser was disabled.
Fixed bug where contextmenu wasn't recognizing flash elements.
Fixed bug where border styles on images and tables was removed.
Fixed accessibility issue with colorpicker, added titles and keyboard access.
Fixed accessibility issue with toolbar buttons, all toolbar buttons are now wrapped in links.
Fixed accessibility issue width browse buttons, these are now wrapped in links.
Fixed accessibility issue with select lists, all select lists has now keyboard access.
Fixed accessibility issues with missing labels in various dialogs.
Fixed accessibility issue with the emotions plugin, this one now inserts a alt text for smileys.
Fixed accessibility issue with the locationbar, menubar and so fort in advlink plugin.
Fixed accessibility issue with TOC in english help pages. This is not wrapped in a acronym element.
Fixed issue with the directionality plugin. It will now get disabled on invalid elements.
Fixed issue where popups was the wrong size a new resizeToInnerSize function resizes popups to the correct size.
Fixed so empty <a> elements gets removed since they serve no purpose.
Added support for TinyMCE grabbing text from input elements if specified in exact mode.
Added language specific relative popup width/heights to all build in dialogs.
Added missing browser for popup url in advlink plugin.
Added missing delete table icon to context menu.
Added so it's possible to see the target value in the target select dropdown in the advlink plugin.
Updated the documentation to include information about the new language packs.
Updated the swedish language pack.
Version 2.0RC1 (2005-09-06)
Renamed CSS classes mcePathTop,mcePathBottom,mcePath to mceStatusbarTop,mceStatusbarBottom,mceStatusbar. [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY].
Moved all theme CSS files to a css directory within the theme. [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY].
Removed the default theme since the advanced theme can be configured to be as the default theme. [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY].
Removed closeDialog method from TinyMCE use tinyMCEPopup.close(); instead of tinyMCE.closeDialog();. [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY].
Removed the auto_cleanup_word option, since the paste plugin now handles this better than the build in function.
Added improved undo/redo and onchange handling. All modifications are now undo/redo:able.
Added new mceBeginUndoLevel/mceEndUndoLevel commands. Used to begin/end a undo/redo:able action.
Added new link dialog with tab interface and lots of new fields and options.
Added new image dialog with tab interface and lots of new fields and options.
Added new about dialog with tab interface, this one replaces the old help dialog.
Added new table dialogs with tab interface and lots of new fileds and options.
Added new utils directory in tiny_mce script dir. This directory contains various utility classes.
Added new TinyMCEPopup class to tiny_mce_popup.js, used for common popup logic.
Added new inlinepopups plugin, this makes the popup windows to open as DHTML windows (divs).
Added new version info constants to TinyMCE (majorVersion, minorVersion, releaseDate).
Added new resizing functionality to the advanced theme, the editor instance can now be resized.
Added new theme_advanced_resizing option, enables/disables the new resizing functionality.
Added new theme_advanced_resize_horizontal option, enables/disables the horizontal resizing.
Added new theme_advanced_path option, enables/disables the element path functionality in statusbar.
Added new compressed icons about 1/3 of the original size, contributed by Jozef.
Added new center support of images, images are now wrapped in a div with alignment.
Added new - character to the valid_elements/extended_valid_elements options this feature removes empty elements.
Added new setup_content_dom and submit_content types to custom cleanup callbacks.
Added new inst parameter to custom cleanup callbacks, this is a reference to the editor instance.
Added new mceColorPicker command to the advanced theme, enables the possibility invoke the color picker.
Added new safari_warning option, this enables you to disable the alert that gets presented when running on Safari.
Added new editor_selector/editor_deselector options that enables you to specify a include/exclude from convertion class.
Added new tinyMCE.addToLang function to reduce the overall size of the language files.
Added new auto save plugin. This plugin will confirm that the user want's the leave any modifications unsaved.
Added new noneditable plugin. This plugin enables you to disable/enable the possibility to edit various elements.
Added new word example, to better illustrate how TinyMCE is to be used when pasting content from Office/Word.
Added missing entities eactute,iacute,oacute,uacute,Aacute,Eacute,Iacute,Oacute,Uacute,Yacute,Aacute.
Added updated Hebrew language pack contributed by Liron Newman.
Added visual aid icon for invisible anchors elements.
Added new insert table and delete table commands to context menu.
Added new convert_fonts_to_styles option, this option controls if font or span will be used when using font size, color etc.
Renamed the theme_advanced_path_location to theme_advanced_statusbar_location.
Moved all popup javascript logic into external .js files, inorder to separate presentation and logic.
Removed the automatic resizing of popups. Better to use relative window sizes for each language when opening a dialog.
Fixed issue where the character map dialog lost focus when inserting a char.
Fixed issue where the attribute values where not XML encoded correctly. For example: & will be &amp;.
Fixed performance issue with the table plugin, it was executing logic even when it was inactive.
Fixed so the directionality gets inherited by all popups/dialogs.
Fixed so the CSS file content_css loads after the theme content CSS, user specific CSS extends theme CSS.
Fixed so more than 3 toolbar rows may be added in when using the default simple layout.
Fixed so the insertdatetime plugin polls it's default date formats from the language pack.
Fixes so auto_reset_designmode is enabled by default, to avoid the question about the editor not working in tabs.
Fixed better inline styles support for images and tables.
Fixed duplicate IDs on advanced theme with external toolbar, contributed by Miguel Fortea.
Fixed issue with remove formatting under MSIE, if all contents of a element is selected the element is also selected.
Fixed issue with visual aids not being removed from content when cleanup is disabled. But it's NOT recommended to disable the cleanup.
Fixed bug where return/enter key sometimes produced empty elements in MSIE.
Fixed bug where link list was generated twice in the advanced themes link dialog.
Fixed bug issue where embed was converted in to ibed due to some invalid regexps.
Fixed bug where summary attribute on tables got lost in MSIE.
Fixed bug where the editor scrolled to the top of content when the pasting text with the paste plugin.
Fixed bug where external toolbar wasn't translated, contributed by Miguel Fortea.
Fixed bug where the editor had a incorrect height, contributed by Miguel Fortea.
Fixed bug where visual aid class where presented in element path.
Fixed bug where HR elements with a id set to "null" produced runtime error in MSIE.
Fixed bug where isDirty wasn't working due to the same function name and variable name.
Fixed bug where events like onclick wasn't removed/stored correctly in old MSIE.
Version 1.45 (2005-06-23)
Fixed so the newdocument button shows again, was removed by accident in RC2.
Fixed so styles drop down in link dialog gets hidden if no classes are defined.
Fixed bug where Paste command in context menu wasn't working.
Fixed bug issue with not having a base href element in preview plugin.
Fixed bug where input elements produced double type/value attributes in MSIE.
Fixed so the check for empty contents in cleanup handled uppercase elements.
Added a alert box is a popup is blocked by a popup blocker.
Added updated dutch language pack, contributed by Fred Stuurman.
Added a confirm dialog for the newdocument action.
Added mceContentBody class to the iframe document body.
Added allowtransparency attribute to iframe.
Added fix where some HTML content produced runtime error in MSIE.
Added a lot better Safari support, but many things are still very buggy.
Added flash_wmode, flash_quality and flash_menu options for the flash plugin.
Added new dialog_type option, this enables you to switch back to modal dialogs in MSIE.
Updated Canadian French table language pack contributed by Virtuelcom.
Fixed some minor issues with Simplified Chinese language pack.
Re-added Tahoma font to font drop list, was removed in previous version.
Version 1.45 RC2 (2005-06-15)
Fixed bug where paste_use_dialog option for the paste plugin wasn't working correctly.
Fixed bug issue with setContent not calling custom cleanups correctly. Inflicts the Flash plugin.
Fixed bug where external_link_list_url/external_image_list_url in fullscreen mode.
Fixed so TinyMCE doesn't use modal dialogs on MSIE, these where giving some problems with for example lost sessions.
Fixed the auto resize function for popups to use new logic.
Fixed so callback functions gets called correctly from fullscreen mode.
Fixed misspelled language pack for canadian french in the advimage plugin.
Fixed so openWindow can open use absolute URL:s.
Fixed bug issue where auto_cleanup_word sometimes didn't work in MSIE.
Fixed bug issue where the close button in dialogs wasn't available on Firefox on MacOSX.
Added new pastetext icon contributed by speednet.
Added new browsers option that enables you to specify what browsers is to be WYSIWYG enabled or not.
Added partial Catalan translation contributed by Marc Bria Ramírez.
Added portuguese Brazil translation contributed by João Borges.
Added updated Simplified Chinese language pack contributed by cube316.
Added beforeunload handler for fullscreen plugin so contents gets updated when the window is closed.
Added a new fullscreen_settings option for the fullscreen plugin contributed by David Glick.
Added new insert table command to context menu when user clicks within a table.
Added new advimage_constrain_proportions option to advimage plugin, contributed by Knut B. Jacobsen.
Added updated advanced theme with a new external toolbar location option, contributed by Man-Chicken (
Added new tiny_mce_gzip.php file, this PHP script merges and compressed the requested .js files to improve loading times.
Added updated czech language pack, contributed by Stanislav Lacko.
Added new mceRemoveNode command, this command removes a node and inserts the node contents instead.
Added new behavior to format select box, you can now remove a paragraph by selecting -- Format --.
Removed ?rnd from external_link_list_url/external_image_list_url since it doesn't work well with serverside scripts.
Version 1.45 RC1 (2005-05-27)
Fixed bug where character map inserted &amp; and &lt;/&gt; when using & < >.
Fixed so paragraphs containing &nbsp; is converted to numeric or raw if entity_encoding is set.
Fixed bug in searchreplace plugin when user tried to search on a empty string or the editor contents was empty.
Fixed repaint/trail graphics issues with images and tables in FF/Mozilla.
Fixed some memory leaks in TinyMCE core and context menu plugin, only MSIE was inflicted by this.
Fixed stange issue where elements sometimes disappeared in MSIE.
Fixed URL convertion problems with onmouseover, onmouseout image urls in advimage plugin.
Fixed URL convertion problems with Flash plugin.
Fixed the experimental Safari support, some features work some doesn't.
Fixed bug where multiple a elements where created when updating links on images in FF/Mozilla.
Fixed bug in importCSS function, was having a meaning less if statement.
Fixed so the contextmenu plugin uses images from the configurated theme instead of the advanced theme.
Fixed so the external_link_list_url/external_image_list_url options can use relative or absolute path.
Fixed so the external_link_list_url/external_image_list_url has a random query parameter to prevent it from cache.
Added new mceInsertRawHTML command, this inserts raw as it is HTML code in the the selected position.
Added paste plain text plugin contributed by Ryan Demmer, converted it into a paste plugin.
Added updated paste plugin contributed by speednet, includes paste directly feature for MSIE.
Added split/merge table cells support, to table plugin and context menus.
Added cut/copy/paste table rows functionality to context menu and table plugin.
Added new mceSetContent command, this does the same as the setContent function.
Added new clear all/new document icon to advanced theme.
Added new remove formatting and select text color icons.
Added new directionality plugin to better support languages that write from right to left.
Added new fullscreen plugin, enables users to toggle fullscreen editing mode.
Added a new template/tutorial plugin to aid people in the development of own plugins.
Removed visual_table_style and replaced it with visual_table_class. [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY].
Renamed urlconvertor_callback option to urlconverter_callback.
Version 1.44 (2005-05-03)
Fixed bug with contextmenu not showing at the correct location in MSIE.
Fixed bug where a error was produced by the Flash plugin if the user reloaded the page in MSIE.
Fixed issue where mceAddControl and mceRemoveControl commands produced a error in MSIE.
Fixed bug when images and flash movies where mixed in the editor produced strange results.
Fixed so trailing / characters isn't removed from URLs.
Fixed so the contextmenu uses a diffrent method of loading it's custom CSS file.
Fixed getAttributes problem, it should read getAttribute.
Fixed so "Edit HTML source" window may be maximized.
Added French eacute entitiy to default entities option.
Added a height CSS value for the element path in advanced themes editor_ui.css since it keept bobbing up and down.
Added updated Polish language pack contributed by Marcin Szymon Sznyra.
Added better window auto resize method for most dialogs.
Added new feature to set what tags are to be left open in valid_elements. Add a + before the element names to enable.
Added nowrap for the editor table cells, sometimes the editors controls wrapped.
Updated German language pack contributed by Krokogras.
Version 1.44 RC2 (2005-04-25)
Fixed bug with host prefixes and port numbers when having relative_urls set to false and remove_script_host set to true.
Fixed bug when site absolute URLs for example /something was converted incorrectly in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where the link wasn't auto selected in the drop list in the advanced themes default link dialog.
Fixed bug issue with the flash plugin and croping out characters before and after the movie.
Fixed bug where the editor jumped to top of editor area on enter/return when doctype was set to XML Transitional.
Fixed bug where context menu was appearing in the wrong location if the window was resized.
Fixed bug in the context menu where table properties wasn't working.
Fixed bug where a selectorText exception was trown if the CSS file contained @import or @charset.
Fixed bug where bold/italic/strikethough/underline wasn't selected/unselected in toolbar some times.
Fixed issue with hspace and vspace when having the inline_styles option enabled. Contributed by speednet.
Fixed bug where access denied error was thrown sometimes in MSIE.
Fixed so images without src won't be inserted.
Fixed some issues with width/height fields in the advimage plugin.
Fixed so the contextmenu plugin doesn't appear in MSIE 5.0, now functions with 5.5+.
Added filebrowser icon to mouse over and mouse out fields in the advimage plugin.
Added filebrowser icon to popup field in the advlink plugin.
Added so the triggerSave function gets auto executed when a user calls submit on a form, this can be disabled with the submit_patch option.
Added missing readme.txt file for the context menu plugin.
Added new border and background color fields to table dialog, based on contribution by Neirda. Enable them by the table_color_fields option.
Removed some old outdated items from FAQ.
Version 1.44 RC1 (2005-04-20)
Fixed bug where width/height attributes of a image wasn't stored some times in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where P elements where created if a user pressed return/enter within a h1-h6 in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where the remove format fuction didn't work some times in MSIE.
Fixed so backspace/delete gets added in one undo level in MSIE (improves performance).
Fixed so the "Could not find element by id or name" alert only shows when the debug option is set to true.
Fixed bug where bold/italic didn't work in Mozilla 1.3.
Fixed bug where width/height of a hidden TinyMCE instance where incorrect.
Fixed so the function layout of classes in tiny_mce_src.js uses prototype keyword instead of TinyMCE_ prefix (reduces size).
Fixed bug where triggerNodeChange produced javascript error some times in MSIE.
Fixed some issues in the Swedish and Spanish language packs.
Fixed bug where first undo level wasn't working correctly.
Fixed so flash plugin loads it's needed CSS data from within the plugin.
Fixed button images and CSS in the simple theme.
Fixed so the simple example shows how to use the simple theme instead of the default theme.
Fixed so cleanup default values can be set to empty. For example alt= generated alt="" on img elements.
Fixed memory leaks in MSIE (circular closure problem) events are now removed in a better way.
Fixed bug where URLs where converted incorrectly if the editor page URL contained / characters.
Fixed bug where table guidlines didn't work correctly when using the build in Mozilla table buttons.
Fixed bug where the Flash plugin was breaking other elements.
Added new contextmenu plugin, this plugin adds a menu if the user right clicks/uses the contextmenu on elements.
Added new multiple configuration support, the init method may now be called multiple times.
Added new remove_linebreaks option, this option is enabled by default and removes all HTML code linebreaks.
Added new behavior to the textarea_trigger option, if mode is textareas and trigger is false those elements will not be converted into editors.
Added new entity_encoding option, enabled user to better control the behavior of how character are converted into entities.
Added new isDirty command to TinyMCEControl, this method returns true if the user has done any modifications to the content.
Added new onchange_callback option, this callback is executed when contents within the editor instance is changed.
Added new init function for themes/plugins this gets called when a editor instance has finished it's setup.
Added new init_instance_callback option this callback is executed when instances are added to the editor.
Added new cleanup option this option enables users to totaly disable the whole cleanup process.
Added new importCSS method to TinyMCE. This method allows plugins and themes to load custom CSS files on initialization.
Added new getSelectedHTML method to TinyMCEControl class, this method returns the currently selected HTML contents.
Added new getSelectedText method to TinyMCEControl class, this method returns the currently selected contents as text.
Added new removeclass behavior to the removeformat button. The current class will be removed if no contents is selected.
Added new queryInstanceCommandValue and queryInstanceCommandState methods.
Added new option button_tile_map, this option contols the usage of button tile maps and is disabled by default.
Version 1.43 (2005-03-06)
Fixed bug with ask option not working at all.
Fixed bug where a "instance is not defined bug" error was produced.
Fixed bug with empty image src produced a error.
Fixed so the simple and default theme used the same CSS style as the advanced theme.
Fixed bug with the relative to absolute URL convertion logic if a empty string was passed used.
Fixed parse error bug with the source editor some servers can't handle XML PI declarations.
Fixed bug issue with HR elements in MSIE, if a specific work pattern where used a runtime error was produced by MSIE.
Fixed bug in the URL convertor logic, port numbers was not correctly handled.
Fixed issue where the cursor was placed before a insert of custom charater or date/time.
Fixed bug where the editor height option didn't work on MSIE.
Fixed bug where a linefeed within a table cell broke the table in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where return/enter key after a image removed all content.
Fixed bug where return/enter key sometimes produced nestled P elements.
Fixed bug where the editor was stealing focus on load in MSIE.
Fixed bug where the visual aid logic forces width/height attributes on tables.
Fixed bug where getCSSClasses some times returned null value.
Fixed issue where the lang_insert/lang_update language variables wasn't entity decoded.
Fixed so the image/link/flash drop list gets auto selected thanks goes to Randy Simons and salzbermat.
Fixed so remove formatting button in MSIE removes all classes aswell.
Fixed issue where output contained single br element when the editor area was empty.
Added new %A/%a/%B/%b format chunks to insertdatetime, these insert localized date names such as January.
Added new oninit callback option for TinyMCE this callback is executed when all editor instances been initialized.
Added new preview panel to dialog in the advimage plugin, contributed by Virtuelcom.
Added element class name to element path in the advanced theme.
Updated Canadian French table language pack contributed by Virtuelcom.
Updated the swedish language pack, contributed by Mats Löfström, York Consulting AB.
Version 1.42 (2005-02-14)
Fixed bug with the element path beeing resized if width/height of editor was 100%.
Fixed bug with reloading/flicker of all button images in MSIE if browser cache is disabled.
Fixed backspace/delete bug in Firefox, some times the cursor got stuck.
Fixed bug issues with enter/return key in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where copy/paste and drag drop of images/links failed in Firefox/Mozilla if a document_base_url is provided.
Fixed so when relative_urls is set to false it forces absolute URLs for images/links.
Fixed so the _src.js suffix versions of the themes and plugins gets loaded with the tiny_mce_src.js script is used.
Fixed so verify_css_classes option is disabled by default.
Fixed bug where tables where resized when toggling visual aid in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bugs with advhr plugin running in a hidden div element.
Added new auto_focus option that enabled a specific editor area to be focused on startup.
Added a extra argument to the filebrowser callback inorder to get the calling window reference.
Added a new persian (farsi) language pack contributed by Morteza Zafari.
Added new more nice looking icons contributed by Morteza Zafari and Michael Keck. The old icons are available in a separate icon pack.
Added updated Canadian French language pack contributed by Virtuelcom.
Added updated French languahe pack contributed by Laurent Dran.
Added updated German language pack contributed by Tobias Heer.
Added some documentation regarding the layout manager options made by SlyD.
Version 1.41 (2005-01-31)
Added new table plugin, all table code is moved into this plugin [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY].
Added new external_link_list_url/external_image_list_url options for better backend integration.
Added new file_browser_callback option for better backend integration.
Added new layout manager code into the advanced theme, contributed by SlyD.
Added new nowrap option, enables so users may change the word wraping behavior.
Added new Thai language pack contributed by Innozent.
Added obfuscated version of all plugins and themes to reduce over all startup/download time.
Added Simplified Chinese language pack contributed by cube316.
Added a updated Czech language pack thanks to Josef Klimosz.
Fixed issue where anchor elements where closed. This results in browser problems with the outputed HTML.
Fixed bug where the first return key press didn't produce a paragraph in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug in the searchreplace plugin where replace content sometimes fails in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed so all language packs now uses the ISO-639-2 code instead of ISO 3166-1 [BREAKS COMPATIBLITY].
Fixed some issues with the force_br_newlines option in MSIE.
Fixed bug where the backspace or delete key produced BR elements in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug issue with link and image dialogs of the default theme/simple example.
Fixed some bugs when having the editor hidden in a tab/div, contributed by Ernst de Moor.
Fixed some character issues with the Danish language packs, contributed by someone unknown.
Version 1.40 (2005-01-09)
Added a new default value for the font size drop down, if no font size where found this gets selected.
Added a auto resize window feature, this is enabled by default but can be disabled with a window argument.
Added a new print plugin, prints the current editor contents to a printer.
Added a new searchreplace plugin, adds a search, searchnext and replace button.
Fixed bug issue where buttons didn't display correctly on some Firefox installations.
Fixed issue with value and type attributes of input elements getting lost in cleanup on MSIE.
Fixed so that the getEditorInstance command is public, returns a TinyMCEControl by id.
Fixed issue where "true" and "false" string wasn't treated as booleans in TinyMCE init options.
Fixed so cursor/mousepointer allways remains a arrow in all themes when rolling over buttons.
Fixed the popup windows so they are mode "modal" in Mozilla/Firefox.
Fixed so the ask question is displayed when elements are focused with the tab key.
Fixed so the ask option works when mode option is set to exact.
Fixed issue with visualaids on tables not working correctly when the user uses the tab key in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed some bugs with the mceSetCSSClass class command and the element path.
Fixed a new version of the mceInsertContent command.
Fixed so the auto_cleanup_word option is disabled by default.
Removed the langs of the zoom plugin, it now uses + instead of the "zoom" word.
Version 1.391 (2005-01-04)
Fixed major spacebar bug in MSIE, spacebar was disabled.
Version 1.39 (2005-01-04)
Updated the Flash plugin with a new version, contributed by jamesw.
Added new setWindowArg function, useful if plugins are to call other plugins.
Added new save plugin, this plugin adds a save/submit form button to tinyMCE, contributed by SlyD.
Added new hilite color support, sets a background-color style on the selected text.
Added new variable replacement popup URLs, check the openWindow function documentation for details.
Added new force_p_newlines option, forces P elements on return/enter key in Mozilla/Firefox.
Added new theme_advanced_path_location, adds a element path list.
Added new theme_advanced_toolbar_align option, defaults to center.
Added new Portuguese translation contributed by José Pedro Pereira.
Added new mceSelectNode and mceSelectNodeDepth commands.
Added new add_unload_trigger option, this adds a unload triggerSave call. Enabled by default.
Added am/pm time format to the insertdatetime plugin.
Fixed font color and size attribute bug, contributed by Vincent FIACK.
Fixed className undefined bug, Firefox/Mozilla produced a console error sometimes.
Fixed so mceSetCSSClass command may be applied to all sorts of elements.
Fixed so anchor elements can be removed by setting the anchor name to nothing.
Fixed typing performance some in Firefox/Mozilla, removed some nodechange triggers.
Fixed so the zoom plugin is invisible in MSIE 5.0, since zoom isn't available in that browser.
Fixed bug with the emotions plugin in MSIE 5.0, it was opening a new window.
Fixed so contents stay within the editor if the user hits the back/forward buttons.
Fixed bug where the property was set to the image name.
Fixed so anchors links within the same page are made relative when relative_urls are set to false.
Updated the advanced theme so most of the images are loaded from a tiled image, improves loading time.
Updated the Swedish language pack, contributed by Martin.
Updated the readme.txt in the advlink plugin, was some problems with the valid_elements.
Updated the default CSS for the advanced theme some, added button backgrounds to look like office2k.
Version 1.38 (2004-11-28)
Added new textarea field for form elements when debug mode is enabled, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new spacer item support for the theme_advanced_buttons<n> options, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new selection borders for images and hr elements, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new advhr plugin, this plugin handles advanced settings on HR elements, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new german language pack for the preview plugin, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new word wrap and source formatting to the source editor, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new updated charmap, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new flash plugin that enabled flash movied to be handled, contributed by Michael Keck.
Added the old cut/copy/paste commands to the advanced theme, these are not visible by default.
Added new theme_advanced_buttons<N>_add_before option to advanced theme.
Added new "update" button title for a popup windows.
Added new zoom prefix language variable to the zoom plugin.
Added new entities option, that enables you to config entity code to name convertion.
Added new custom cleanup possibility to plugins.
Added new cleanup_callback option, adds the possibilty to add custom cleanup logic.
Added new Norwegian language pack, contributed by Sten Aksel Heien.
Added new Korean language pack, contributed by Setzer Gabbiani.
Fixed the layout of the color picker, contributed by Michael Keck.
Fixed so the preview plugin doesn't include the any toolsbars in preview popup window, contributed by Michael Keck.
Fixed bug where anchors elements was treated as links.
Fixed so all popup windows are modal dialogs in MSIE.
Fixed bug where the word "null" sometimes appares in HTML after cleanup in Firefox/Mozilla.
Fixed bug where form elements with missing name attributes produced errors.
Fixed some default value bugs and issues with the new advlink plugin.
Fixed the link/image dialog sizes in the SE language pack.
Fixed the content duplication bug, it seems to be fixed anyway, if not please let me know.
Fixed bug where plugin handleNodeChange extentions broke the theme function.
Version 1.37 (2004-11-12)
Added new mceResetDesignMode command that can be used when the editor is placed in tabs.
Added new updated Italian language pack thanks goes to "Fabrix Xm" for the contribtion.
Added new greek language pack thanks goes to "Jacaranda Bill" for the contribution.
Added new french language pack thanks goes to "Pat Boens" for the contribution.
Added new russian language pack thanks goes to "Roman Filippov" for the contribution.
Added new updated Dutch language pack thanks goes to Arnoud van Delden and Ernst de Moor for the contribution.
Added new convert_newlines_to_brs option, that enables newlines to be converted to br elements.
Added new custom_undo_redo_keyboard_shortcuts option, enables keyboard shortcuts to be enabled/disabled.
Added new auto_reset_designmode option, thats resets the design mode when a editor instance is focused.
Added new form reset handler, resets the contents of TinyMCE areas when the onreset event is trigged.
Added new skip_cleanup parameter to triggerSave, this parameter is optional and defaults to false.
Added new lang_underline_img language variable to all themes.
Added new title attribute to all images, enables tooltips in Mozilla and Firefox.
Added new insert and cancel CSS id's for all submit and cancel buttons.
Added new full featured example that includes all available plugins and buttons.
Added new advlink and advimage plugins to TinyMCE, these are more advanced link and image tools. Contributed by Michael Keck.
Added new parameters to insertImage and insertLink commands. Contributed by Michael Keck.
Added updated compatiblity chart, includes a matrix table thanks goes to Ernst de Moor.
Added new insert image icon contributed by Arnoud van Delden and Ernst de Moor.
Added window focus on all popup windows, contributed by Arnoud van Delden and Ernst de Moor.
Fixed some issues with the char map added some characters and removed duplicate ones, contributed by Arnoud van Delden and Ernst de Moor.
Fixed the insert row icon, rotated it 180 degrees, contributed by Arnoud van Delden and Ernst de Moor.
Fixed the visual aid icon, made it a bit darker. Contributed by Arnoud van Delden and Ernst de Moor.
Fixed some issues with entity encoding in source editor aswell as in core cleanup code.
Fixed bug where the auto import CSS feature imported invalid CSS rules with : or spaces.
Fixed bug where unnecessary entity encoding of characters was done.
Fixed the window sizes some to better function on MSIE with SP2.
Fixed some issued with the auto word cleanup feature, fixes some issued with content duplication.
Fixed bug that made the editor to throw weird error when HTML code includes <!a or <!/a> content.
Fixed bug where the style attribute was returned on images in source output even if it was disabled.
Fixed issue where the UI form elements of TinyMCE was submitted with the form submit.
Version 1.36 (2004-10-19)
Added a newly modified version of the German language pack from "krokogras".
Added auto resizing to popup windows with the same name.
Added example page for the plugin_preview_pageurl option in the preview plugin.
Fixed issue with link button auto enable/disable feature when content selection was made with the keyboard.
Fixed bug where events wasn't handled correctly in MSIE 5.5 and some 6.0 versions.
Fixed so align on images gets set as float style when the inline_styles option is enabled.
Fixed so solid border style isn't applied on elements with a border when the inline_styles option is enabled.
Fixed some issues with tables and the inline_styles option.
Fixed back button issue with MSIE, iframes was placed in browser history.
Version 1.35 (2004-10-13)
Added so that whitespace gets stripped in plugin and theme_advanced_buttons options.
Added custom plugin_preview_pageurl option to preview plugin.
Added Canadian French language packs for the new plugins, contributed by Virtuelcom.
Added new theme_advanced_blockformats option.
Added new title support to advanced theme link dialog.
Added new Ctrl+B/I/U keyboard shortcuts for Firefox.
Added Polish language pack contributed by "revyag".
Added Taiwanese language pack contributed by "Jim Kou".
Added updated German language pack contributed by "Krokogras".
Fixed some issues with ieSpell including better language support.
Fixed bug with default value in valid_elements not working in Firefox some times.
Fixed bug when focusing links without selecting any characters.
Fixed some typos in Swedish language pack.
Fixed bug with content selection and link button auto enable/disable feature.
Fixed bug issue when "theme_advanced_buttons<N>" options where left empty.
Fixed various bugs with absolute URLs.
Version 1.34 (2004-10-03)
Added new insertdatetime plugin, inserts date/time in various formats.
Added new preview plugin, previews the HTML page in a new window.
Added new zoom plugin, adds the possibility zoom the editor in MSIE.
Added new emotions plugin, adds the possibility to add smileys.
Fixed so that TinyMCE functions on MSIE 5.0 again.
Fixed so that TinyMCE functions better on Mozilla 1.3.
Fixed so that the cursor doesn't jump to the top when setting styles.
Fixed bug with STRONG and EM elements wasn't handled correctly in Firefox.
Optimized the key handling some, gives better typing performance.
Removed key down statusbar debug info.
Version 1.33 (2004-09-29)
Removed the need of loading blank.html, iframes are now created dynamicly.
Fixed bug when selecting tables, MSIE was casting errors.
Fixed bug with pluginurl variable.
Fixed bug when tinyMCE.selectedElement error was cast in Mozilla.
Added new Arabic language pack contributed by Hani Suleiman.
Added "lang_dir" support to language packs like Arabic.
Version 1.32 (2004-09-25)
Added new ieSpell plugin, only works in MSIE.
Added new "theme_advanced_buttons<N>_add" option.
Added new importPluginLanguagePack function.
Added new Danish language pack contributed by Jan Moelgaard.
Added updated German language pack contributed by Christopher Müller.
Added new any_selection to handleNodeChange callback.
Modified so link/unlink is dimmed if nothing is selected.
Fixed bug when deleting images in Firefox.
Changed the plugin location to a new plugin directory.
Renamed the "theme_plugins" option to "plugins".
Version 1.31 (2004-09-18)
Added Canadian French language pack, contributed by Virtuelcom.
Added so link/unlink buttons gets selected when user enters a link element.
Fixed URL bug when drag dropping/copy pasting images in Mozilla.
Fixed so mso style attribs don't get trimmed if auto_cleanup_word option is set to false.
Fixed bug with text alignment buttons.
Fixed bug with CSS auto import function in MSIE.
Fixed initialization bugs and issues.
Version 1.30 (2004-09-10)
Fixed bug issue where the editor was stealing focus from location bar.
Fixed bug issue with absolute aligned images lost focus when using tools.
Fixed bug #1025483, Url converting broken.
Added ability to send command values in advanced theme button list, contributed by someone helpfull.
Added new cleanup_on_startup option, to increase startup speed.
Added new inline_styles partly based on a contribution by Victor Nilsson.
Added new named anchor support.
Added custom_undo_redo_levels option.
Version 1.29 (2004-09-08)
Added new getEditorId function, to retrive the editor id of a form element.
Readded so cleanup is automaticly executed on editor startup in MSIE.
Added some various cleanup fixes for MS Word HTML.
Added new auto_cleanup_word option, enabled auto MS Word HTML cleanup on paste events.
Fixed parameter issue with insertImage function. Bug #1022863.
Fixed bug #1022874, Where the small theme had underline command on strikethrough button.
Fixed some bugs with table commands.
Fixed bug #1023204, mceRemoveControl brings back the old HTML.
Fixed bug issue with tinyMCE.selectedInstance in Mozilla.
Fixed bug issue with Mozilla not saving content.
Version 1.28 (2004-09-04)
Added new Finnish language pack thanks to Urho Konttori.
Added new rowseparator as a possible value of the theme_advanced_buttons<n> options.
Added new theme_advanced_toolbar_location option.
Added new uid variable option to valid_elements. (Generates unique IDs)
Added new "directionality" option to support languages like Arabic.
Added new character map button/window.
Added new guidelines/visual aid toggle button.
Reduced the source of the advanced theme some, and added some better comments.
Separated the default theme in to files aswell.
Removed source area size options and made source editor resizable instead.
Increased the default width and height of the source editor.
Fixed bug where image width/height default to 0x0 if these attributes wasn't defined.
Fixed some bug issues with MSIE 5.5.
Version 1.27 (2004-08-29)
Added new cleanup logic, with new options and smarter behavior.
Added new "trim_span_elements" option (removed unneeded span elements).
Added new "verify_css_classes" option (verifies so class attributes contain a valid class).
Added new "verify_html" option (enables/disabled verification of elements and attributes).
Added new value verification type to "valid_elements" option.
Added new simple wildcard support in "valid_elements" option.
Added class as a valid attribute to table elements by default.
Added so non existent classes gets removed HTML output.
Added fix for &nbsp; entities, so they get converted correctly.
Added new class select box in table dialog.
Added hr as a default valid element.
Fixed some issues with the language packs.
Fixed some weird bugs and issues with hr elements.
Fixed bug where Mozilla was casting exceptions on keypress.
Version 1.26 (2004-08-25)
Added a better way to create theme popup windows (External files).
Added new getWindowArg function, returns window arguments in theme popups.
Modified the advanced theme to adopt the new theme popup idea.
Fixed critical Mozilla bug, where the editor didn't work at all some times.
Fixed bug with auto CSS class import feature running on Firefox.
Version 1.25 (2004-08-22)
Added new format select box in advanced theme (Can be disabled).
Added new "theme_advanced_disable" option to advanced theme.
Added some new elements to default list of valid elements (Format select box elements).
Added new font face, forecolor and font size support, these are not enabled by default.
Added new "mceAddControl" command, enables users to dynamicly add editors.
Added new execInstanceCommand function, check the documentation for details.
Added new "mceSetAttribute" command.
Modified the themes so that the focus alert doesn't popup as often as before.
Modified the "mceRemoveControl" command so it can handle element id aswell as editor ids.
Fixed some bugs and issues with the new custom undo/redo logic.
Fixed weird Mozilla bug #997860.
Version 1.24 (2004-08-17)
Modified so that span with CSS classes that don't exists get removed.
Added new "custom_undo_redo" option, this option is enabled by default.
Added new "fix_content_duplication" option, that fixes some MSIE content duplication issues.
Added new "mceFocus" command, that changes focus to the specified editor instance.
Added new "mceReplaceContent" command, that enables users to replace the current selection.
Fixed so styles including spaces doesn't get listed in style selection box.
Fixed bug with form element names and exact mode in Mozilla.
Fixed so tiny_mce_src.js can be used aswell as tiny_mce.js.
Converted some of the language packs to better support unicode.
Version 1.23 (2004-07-31)
Modified the mceSetCSSClass command to address bug #997071.
Added new Hungarian language pack thanks to 2XP.
Added new callback "setupcontent_callback" check the manual for details.
Fixed bug #994506, where empty theme_plugins option generated a 404 error.
Fixed bug #999332, where image properties wasn't removed if the user deleted the image.
Version 1.22 (2004-07-19)
Fixed bug #989846, Image resize bug.
Changed so that style attribute values get converted to lowercase in MSIE.
Changed so the alignment called "middle" is "center" in table properties.
Fixed so visual aids work correctly after using the source editor.
Fixed some issues with anchor links.
Fixed so that javascript: links can be used.
Added width/height options for the advanced source editor.
Fixed bug issue with URL:s containing quotes or single quotes.
Fixed so that document_base_url can point to another domain.
Version 1.21 (2004-07-12)
Added new "theme_plugins" option, check the manuals for details.
Added new "execCommand" plugin extention possibility.
Added new "buttons<n>" config options to the advanced theme.
Added new "mceRemoveControl" command.
Added Spanish language pack thanks to "Alvaro Velasco".
Fixed first click bug.
Fixed so CSS url:s can be absolute.
Updated the FAQ regarding the Cut/Copy/Paste issue.
Version 1.20 (2004-07-05)
Fixed bug issue #983257, JS runtime error when template contains no controls.
Removed cut/copy/paste commands and icons due to security reasons in Mozilla.
Added Czech language pack, thanks goes to "Pavel Novák" for the contribution.
Fixed minor bug regarding empty attributes.
Fixed so the "extended_valid_elements" overrides previous declarations.
Version 1.19 (2004-06-28)
Fixed focus bug that appared on Linux version of Mozilla.
Fixed major bug issues with some Firefox/Firebird versions on Linux.
Fixed minor visual aid bugs on tables.
Fixed minor bugs with table commands.
Fixed scroll issue in HTML source windows on Mozilla/Linux.
Added a compatiblity chart to the manuals.
Version 1.18 (2004-06-20)
Added new option "remove_script_host".
Some minor fixes to the mceInsertContent command.
Fixed some issues with visual aids for tables.
Fixed strange focus bug in MSIE.
Updated some of the documentation.
Version 1.17 (2004-06-16)
Fixed bug, #972666 - Doesn't save edits when id != name.
Added more Italian, user manuals. Thanks goes to "Fabrix Xm".
Added Dutch language pack thanks to "Meint Post".
Modified the MSIE version of mceInsertContent command.
Version 1.16 (2004-06-14)
Added new table dialog and TinyMCE_<theme>_getInsertTableTemplate template function.
Added auto class import feature and Italian language pack thanks goes to "Lorenzo Pavani".
Added border, alignment, vspace, hspace, width, height fields to the image properties dialog in advanced theme.
Updates advanced theme help pages for Swedish and English.
Fixed some minor issues with the mceSetCSSClass command.
Fixed minor MSIE bug in built in default URL convertor.
Fixed some image alignment issues.
Fixed support for site root script paths like src="/jscripts/tiny_mce.js".
Removed the use of "TinyMCE_advanced_cssClasses" from "advanced" theme.
Modified the default value of "valid_elements" to include table align and class as valid attributes.
Modified the default value of "valid_elements" to set img border attribute to 0 by default instead of by force.
Modified so that popup windows gets centered on screen.
Version 1.15 (2004-06-09)
Added new "advanced" theme, that adds some new functions.
Added new public js functions "getContent, setContent, applyTemplate, openWindow".
Added new custom command "mceSetCSSClass", that sets css class of the selection.
Added new custom command "mceInsertContent", that inserts HTML content.
Added class attributes to some of the elements in the default value of "valid_elements".
Added ability to have theme specific language packs by the js function "importThemeLanguagePack".
Added more documentation to the usage and themes sections.
Added table support, with custom commands and in advanced theme.
Modified the advanced example to include the new advanced theme.
Fixed tooltips for buttons in Mozilla.
Version 1.14 (2004-06-07)
Added new conversion possibility to save callback.
Added some more usage documentation.
Fixed some issues will updateContent function in Mozilla.
Fixed some issues with relative paths.
Fixed small Mozilla issue with visual aids.
Fixed so that the default theme sets image border to 0.
Fixed bug #968079, Removing editor buttons in template can cause errors.
Version 1.13 (2004-06-04)
Fixed critical bug where the editor didn't work at all in MSIE.
Fixed bug where table visual aids didn't work in Mozilla.
Version 1.12 (2004-06-03)
Added updateContent function thanks to "Jürgen Baute" contribution.
Added documentation of the diffrent public javascript functions of tinyMCE.
Fixed bug #965615, Empty editor content returns "<br />" as value after cleanup.
Fixed bug where Bold and Italic didn't work correctly in Mozilla.
Version 1.11 (2004-06-01)
Added new option "document_base_url", it's used when converting absolute URLs to relative ones.
Added so that align button sets the align attribute of selected images.
Fixed bug when / was passed within query string to the editors page.
Fixed bug #961041, Image attributes are not removed.
Version 1.1 (2004-05-26)
Fixed bug #960112 JavaScript error when opening image window.
Fixed bug #926644 Multiple forms with elements having the same name failed.
Added function so that "specific_textareas" mode handles the "ask" option.
Added new option "focus_alert", to remove annoying focus alert message.
Version 1.09 (2004-05-24)
Added new option "extended_valid_elements", this option adds extra elements to the "valid_elements" list.
Fixed bug #958637, Resized images are displayed in original size
Fixed bug #958942, Bug on realitive_urls (Bug with absolute URLs to insertlink_callback, insertimage_callback callbacks)
Fixed bug #958498, Unable to change Bold and italic text in Mozilla.
Version 1.08 (2004-05-21)
Added new attributes "border, hspace, vspace, width, height, align" to the getInsertImageTemplate theme function.
Added new relative_urls option, this new feature converts all absolute URLs to relative URLs and it's on by default.
Fixed bug #956007, the CSS theme URL:s was allways pointing to the default theme.
Fixed bug where enter/return key produced a error in the insert link popup window form. (This was done in the default template)
Fixed bug #957681, Could not delete text without first adding character bug in Mozilla.
Version 1.07 (2004-05-10)
Added experimental support for option "force_br_newlines" to address bug #922416 and feature request #936270.
Fixed bug with mailto: links.
Version 1.06 (2004-04-15)
Added new German language pack. Thanks goes to "Simon Rupf" for the contribution.
Added new German/Swedish bold/italic language specific icons to both default and simple theme.
Added new Swedish documentation.
Version 1.05 (2004-04-02)
Added new Italian language pack and documentation. Thanks goes to "Fabrix Xm" for the contribution.
Fixed missing "lang_help_desc" definition in UK and SE langpacks.
Added better documentation for the "valid_elements" option and it's format.
Added new "preformatted" option to address feature request #927948.
Added browser checker so that the script don't break on non compatible browsers.
Fixed bug #926639, now the editor instance gets resized if a width/height is specified in %.
Added new simple theme, this theme has only basic functions.
Version 1.04 (2004-03-30)
Fixed bug when insertLink and insertImage function didn't use the url_convertor callback.
Fixed MSIE bug when images was 32x32 on initialization on slow connections.
Fixed bug that made request on images with wrong path, produced some 404 error in webserver logs.
Fixed MSIE bug where users could add images outside of the editor scope.
Version 1.03 (2004-03-26)
Added new "add_form_submit_trigger" this option is default and is added on all document forms within the page. To address bug #923362
Moved javascript sourcecode file to "jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce_src.js".
Added new obfuscated version of tinymce to reduce size of script.
Added some performance boosting code to the switchClassSticky function.
Removed the "autosave" option, this is no longer needed and is replaced with "add_form_submit_trigger" or triggerSave call.
Fixed undo bug in MSIE.
Removed some unused eventhandlers results in better performance.
Version 1.02 (2004-03-26)
Added new handleNodeChange callback to themes.
Fixed some bugs regarding events and themes function checks.
Fixed bug issue when user focused nodes with keyboard.
Version 1.01 (2004-03-12)
Added some more documentation.
Added new "visual" option to editor.
Fixed bug on empty P elements.
Fixed bug on table width/height.
Version 1.0 (2004-03-11)
Added new "debug" option and fixed some path issues.
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