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In July 20, 2015, github.com has decided to adopt TODO Group's Open Code of Conduct. While github's aim is to foster an inclusive environment, I believe their judgment was in error in adopting any Code of Conduct.

Many developers like myself take pride in relentlessly pursuing excellence. One of the reason why I have made my project into an open source project is because I wanted constructive criticism from the software developer community in order to better my craft.

However, I find myself caught in a witchhunt which seeks to stifle the way in which project I contribute will be managed. Of course it's github's prerogative if it wishes to shoot itself on the foot by driving away software developers and open source community in its draconian and misguided attempt to force inclusiveness by using the bully pulpit of its platform.

I feel betrayed by github. I believe this has been a bait-and-switch. When I signed up for github back many years ago, I have never thought github and its core-developers would use the platform to push a specific agenda. I believed, perhaps naively, that it would remain an neutral platform under which open source projects would be allowed to flourish in whatever form it desired.

In society, and in microcosm that is open source development, I firmly believe that diversity brings out all kinds of ideas which can be argued, refined, and ultimately adopted. I also believe that tech community has a long way to go in fostering the desire and focus necessary to become a software developer among women and some racial minorities.

Instead of encouraging and educating by providing the most open platform, github and many open source platforms and projects have adopted the heavy handed means which will placate the activists, but not actually resolve the diversity issue. Code of Conduct will not solve the diversity problem. Code of Conduct is a blunt instrument that is often used by the trolls and demagogues to bully and silence software developers.

I also see that github and their types will not relent in enforcing Code of Conduct in platforms and open source projects. I do not consent to this. I will not be an unwitting collaborator in their attempt to bully and destroy the developers' passion to create and to contribute on github. I will not provide the likes of github its legitimacy by hosting open source project I have spent time developing. With their decision to adopt a platform-wide Code of Conduct and to enforce it, they have taken a step too far.

This is the reason why I have removed my various projects from github. I am not a type of person who wears my political leanings like a badge of honor. I just don't think it's anyone's business frankly. In most of my dealings with people I have seen many brilliant people disagree with me for their own reasons. However in this case, I believe that github.com has taken the wrong step in promoting diversity. Their short-sighted and wrongheaded approach to enforcing racial and gender diversity will, ironically, stifle the kind of diversity that matters most - diversity of thought.

For users of the open source projects I have contributed heavily, I encourage them to think carefully and decide for themselves whether github has made a serious error in judgment. I will boycott github.com from this day forward and any service that allies itself to github.com.

My project will be hosted in https://gitlord.com