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Go reimplementation of Colin Percival's scrypt file encryption utility.

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    scryptutil encrypts and decrypts files.

    Files are encrypted with AES-256 in CTR mode and authenticated with
    HMAC-SHA256. Encryption and HMAC keys are derived from passphrase using
    scrypt key derivation function.


	scryptutil {enc | dec} [infile] [outfile]

    If infile is not given, the program reads from the standard input.
    If outfile is not given, the program writes to the standard output.

    scryptutil is a Go reimplementation of Colin Percival's scrypt utility,
    which is used to encrypt key files for his Tarsnap backup service (see The file format is the same: files
    encrypted by this utility can be decrypted with the original scrypt, and
    vice versa.


    $ go get


    Parameters for KDF during encryption are hardcoded to N=2¹⁶, r=8, p=1.

    Passwords are echoed to terminal when entering them.

    None of the original scrypt utility flags are supported.
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