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Stemmer packages for Go programming language. Includes English and German stemmers.
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Stemmer package for Go

Stemmer package provides an interface for stemmers and includes English and German stemmers as sub-packages:


English stemmer:

go get

German stemmer:

go get

This will also install the top-level stemmer package.


import (

// English.
eng := porter2.Stemmer
eng.Stem("delicious")   // => delici
eng.Stem("deliciously") // => delici

// German.
ger := german.Stemmer
ger.Stem("abhängen")   // => abhang
ger.Stem("abhängiger") // => abhang


Included test_output.txt and test_voc.txt are from the referenced original implementations, used only when running tests with go test.


2-clause BSD-like (see LICENSE and AUTHORS files).

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