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osc front-end to wikichanges in PD
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Sonifying wikipulse (, @edsu's node.js app showing gauges representing how often wikipedia pages are changed in different languages.

With an unchanged wikipulse up and running, the script reads the per-language json feeds wikipulse creates and turns those into OSC ( messages. It sends those OSC messages to a Pd ( application that sonifies the highest rates of wikipedia changes into something like a drumbeat.


First install wikipulse using @edsu's exact instructions. wikibeat uses wikipulse as-is, without modifications, though you should probably change the param names in config.json starting with 'irc'.

- see

You'll know it's working when you visit http://localhost:3000/ and see a bunch of gauges winding up, showing edit rates.

Second, get this app:

% git clone
% cd wikibeat

Third, set up a python environment to run the OSC bridge. We built this on OSX machines, but it should work fine on your linux of choice.

- install virtualenv
- create a virtualenv in this directory:

    % virtualenv --no-site-packages ENV

- activate the virtualenv

    % source ENV/bin/activate

- install python dependencies

    % pip install -r requirements.txt

Fourth, download and install Pd. We used Pd-extended 0.42.5.

- or

Run Pd and open wikibeat:

- File -> open wikibeat-main.pd in this directory
- in the "Pd-extended" window, check "compute audio"

Run backbeat:

    % python

You'll know it's working when you see a series of numbers print out on the console once a second. This is the sorted set of highest- edit-rate language-specific wikipedias.

Start wikibeat:

- in the wikibeat-main.pd window, click "bang" near the
  top-left of the patch window.

Turn your speakers up. You'll know it's working if you hear a beat!


@edsu's wikipulse does the hard work of pulling change data from the wikipedia IRC channels and making that available easily over a series of web pages.

Christopher Burns wrote the wikibeat Pd app; Dan Chudnov (@dchud) wrote the backbeat OSC thingy.


See LICENSE.txt.

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