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A node.js application that reads from the WordPress firehose (see for details) and shows a running list of new entries on WordPress sites on a web page.

It uses node.js with to display and update the list as updates come available.

This application comes mostly from a desire to understand these tools and the cool way that @edsu has used them to make Wikistream (see It looks a lot just like Wikistream because I read and copied liberally from Wikistream as I wrote it. To a lesser extent, I also wanted to get a feel for the flow of data into a service like WordPress.

To install, set up node w/npm:

Grab external node libraries w/npm:

npm install

Then start the app:

node app.js

Finally, open your browser to:



  • Dan Chudnov (@dchud)
  • Ed Summers (@edsu)

Wholly inspired by and copied from Ed Summers' Wikistream, as mentioned above.

License: Public Domain