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Judo is a Julia document generator. It takes documents written in pandoc markdown and converts them into html, but differs from general purpose markdown tools in a few ways.

  1. Code blocks can be executed and their results, including graphics, inlined in the document.
  2. Metadata can be attached to a document in the form of YAML front-matter (similar to Jekyll).
  3. Multiple documents can be compiled and cross-linked.
  4. Function and types comments can be parsed from Julia source code and included in a document. (Note: this is not fully implemented yet)

The end goal is to make documenting Julia code, whether it be a package, or some quick-and-dirty analysis, as painless as possible.


This is work in progress. I'm using it to generate documentation for Gadfly, and figuring out the details as I go along. Contributions or feedback is welcomed.

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