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dckc Parser: handle makeAlice.js: Return, Binary, Const, Let, ...
  - use phrase(start) for testing, not phrase(primExpr)
  - functionDecl: fix params
  - Positional, logged expr, statement, decl, pattern for diagnostics
  - use <~! to commit at close brackets
  - progress on lexical details (much remains TODO in this area)
  - makeAlice: var -> const / let; `cancel` needs initializer
Latest commit 6572f13 Jun 29, 2018

Toward TinySES to Rholang for RChain Interoperability

work in progress by Dan Connolly

TinySES is a small subset of JavaScript designed so that non-experts can use to write non-trivial non-exploitable smart contracts.

Rholang is part of the emerging RChain Platform Architectire. It is a concurrent programming language, designed to be used to implement protocols and smart contracts.

This is an exploration of interoperation between TinySES and RChain. So far, it's just a parser and abstract syntax tree (AST) as a scala sum-of-products type.

A compiler to Rholang, following some notes from section 3. INTERPRETING CAPABILITIES of Policy as Types (cf. #427 ) has some less-than-obvious parts, but should be doable. An interpreter in scala would be easier.

Another RChain interoperability approach is to use waterken / Q style message passing between TinySES and RChain nodes.

Scala should provide a good platform to explore the hypothesis that TinySES can be easily statically typed.

A "fuzzer" to generate arbitrary TinySES programs should be straightforward using property testing libraries.