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Clean theme for ISPConfig 3.0.5 and above.


  1. Copy the interface folder to your /usr/local/ispconfig/
  2. Edit /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/lib/ default theme to ispc-clean
  3. Edit the header logo location. Change default to ispc-clean is all that needs to be done.
  4. Import the SQL file inside of the SQL folder to setup the table structure in the ISPConfig Database.
  5. Enjoy the theme. I will be making changes as I have time.

Recent Changes

I have added a customizable login sidebar to the theme. Please let me know what you think. It is all controlled in the Admin section of ISPConfig, and it is dynamically genertated! It should be helpful for your customers to not have to login to get to important places.

If anyone would like to take over the maintenance of this project, please contact me so that I can give you access to it. I am no longer using this project, and I feel that it would be better to have someone else still using the project to maintain it.