How to Sychronize another archive instances with local changes by IOCM RS

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This feature provides the user to synchronize the archives. The local changes done on site archive by IOCM-RS services can be forwarded to central archive and vice-versa. By doing so both the archives will remain updated with the changes done on either side.


You may either

  • create a LDIF file (e.g.):

    version: 1
    dn: cn=RS Forward,dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
    objectClass: dcmRSForwardRule
    cn: RS Forward
    dcmURI: http://central-archive:8080/dcm4chee-arc/aets/DCM4CHEE/rs/
    dcmRSOperation: CreatePatient
    dcmRSOperation: UpdatePatient
    dcmRSOperation: DeletePatient

    and import it to the LDAP Server by using the ldapmodify command line utility.

  • or use the New Entry... function of Apache Directory Studio to add rule on Device Level (e.g.: dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc) or on Application Entity Level (e.g: dicomAETitle=DCM4CHEE) of the Archive Configuration. Subsequently one may use Add Attribute... and Add Value... functions of Apache Directory Studio to add attributes on the rule level

Note :

  • In the above example of LDAP configuration for this feature, we have included only 3 of the RESTful services. One may add multiple services as per one's application needs. For the other options which can be added one may refer to the link given below.
  • In case one needs to synchronize the RESTful Move Instances service, then one should also add the UpdateStudy service in the rule, since it is needed in the application.

One may refer to RESTful Forward Rule to understand the description of attributes.