How to configure Scheduled station details for MWL HL7 Order Feed

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This feature helps the user to configure scheduled station AE titles and scheduled station names for incoming Modality Worklist HL7 Order feed messages.


You may create a LDIF file and import it to the LDAP Server by using the ldapmodify command line utility.

version: 1

dn: dicomDeviceName=unknown,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
objectClass: dicomDevice
dicomDeviceName: unknown
dicomInstalled: TRUE

dn: cn=dicom,dicomDeviceName=unknown,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
objectClass: dicomNetworkConnection
dicomHostname: localhost
cn: dicom
dicomPort: 104

dn: dicomAETitle=UNKNOWN,dicomDeviceName=unknown,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
objectClass: dicomNetworkAE
dicomAETitle: UNKNOWN
dicomAssociationAcceptor: TRUE
dicomAssociationInitiator: TRUE
dicomNetworkConnectionReference: cn=dicom,dicomDeviceName=unknown,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org

dn: cn=Default Scheduled Station,dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
objectClass: hl7OrderScheduledStation
cn: Default Scheduled Station
hl7OrderScheduledStationDeviceReference: dicomDeviceName=unknown,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org

dn: cn=Test Scheduled Station,dicomDeviceName=dcm4chee-arc,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
objectClass: hl7OrderScheduledStation
cn: Test Scheduled Station
hl7OrderScheduledStationDeviceReference: dicomDeviceName=storescu,cn=Devices,cn=DICOM Configuration,dc=dcm4che,dc=org
dcmProperty: ScheduledProcedureStepSequence.Modality=CR
dcmRulePriority: 1

The hl7OrderScheduledStation configuration shown above can be added on archive device level or archive HL7 application extension level. One may refer to Scheduled Station for HL7 Order to understand description of attributes.

Note :

  • For testing purpose we have configured storescu dcm4che tool against the attribute hl7OrderScheduledStationDeviceReference in the Test Scheduled Station configuration as can be seen above. One can change the value of this attribute but ensure that the device is present in your LDAP configuration. If not present, then one needs to add the device and then reference it in the hl7OrderScheduledStation
  • For testing the above configuration, we will be sending an order feed message containing modality as CR to the archive. Note that if priority is not set, then mwl item will also have the unknown device details set against it.


  1. Send an order feed message to archive using hl7snd tool

         hl7snd -c localhost:2575 \hl7messages\test.hl7
  2. Using the archive UI, check the scheduled station details in MWL item attributes.